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  1. i wonder if this is still alive
  2. i missed boris while i had no internet, i want to fucking kill myself
  3. they're trying, i talked to a gm yesterday
  4. http://wowwiki.wikia.com/wiki/Patches
  5. I don't think gamemasters handle applications, you can't just go ahead and ask a certain gamemaster, you have to send in a form here. http://us.forum.firestorm-servers.com/index.php?/topic/4673-international-game-master-recruitment/ but I really, really doubt that your grammar is going to get you anywhere, nonetheless, goodluck.
  6. the tooltip may be wrong, if not, then firestorm messed something up and you should go to bugtracker or create an in-game GM ticket
  7. yes, because some players take joy in pvp, grinding gear and senselessly killing mobs instead of enjoying stories and exploring edit: you used "extremely" incorrectly
  8. stability issues, i think they're fixed now
  9. I'm pretty sure blizzard did that, I don't remember, but I think that's the case, they were balanced for level 110 in Legion.
  10. We have loyalty points instead of vote points, you can get them by redeeming them from an NPC female blood elf in any capital city, or by doing in-game activities. Go here for more info. http://fstorm.cc/loyalty-point
  11. game

    times change
  12. Even if they transfer the character, how would the other person pay? If you're dumb enough to go ahead and just give your character without there being a way to transfer points at all, you might aswell just give them the account password.
  13. Title: Cataclysm PVE set vendors Type: In-game Description:  As you may know, justice and valor was removed from the game, which means it was replaced by gold at their respective vendors, however it seems like on Firestorm, some pieces are available for gold, but others are not, and they require the boss drop items that you can exchange for the pieces. I suggest all pieces are available for gold, because that's how it works in retail. For example, the magma plated helmet. http://www.wowhead.com/item=60341/magma-plated-helmet It is impossible to buy this helmet for the given price.