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  1. since last week i can't interact with the chat anymore. for example , when you click the name of a player in chat it should start a whisper ; or when you click a piece of equipment in the chat a small window should appear with all the informations about that item. well, this doesn't appen to me anymore. in order to write in world chat i must type /5 becouse when i click on it nothing appens. any ideas about what the cause could be?
  2. cuz it is so customized it would get boring really fast. also greymane has 1/10 of sylvanas players.
  3. is there a way to show this to devs?
  4. we can all agree that duelling and world pvp in general are pretty much dead in legion. Since when i started playing wow years ago i've always enjoyed to spend hours in durotar duelling to get better at my class or just having fun, but in legion, with those absolutely unbalanced stats, you can't do that. 1 or 2 spells are enough to oneshot pretty much everyone and it is not fun. For those reasons i suggest to apply the pvp templates to some zones like durotar and elwin forest (or maybe another place that players can easily reach ) to make duels possible again. what do you guys think about it?
  5. i noticed the same thing, effuse and enveloping mist do not trigger soothing mist at the end of the cast, while vivify does. pretty anoying i must say.