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  1. Title: Survey : Alterac Valley & Isle of Conquest Type: In-game Description: Good evening to all, Being a PVP player I want to create this subject in order to reap a maximum support from the players of Firestorm (Sylvanas & Greymane) so that the Staff Script and put at our disposal the two legendary Battlegrounds which are : Alterac Valley and Isle of Conquest I am aware that Sylvanas in particular is a PVE-oriented Realm and that the Staff's priority is Scripting the maximum PVE content, especially with the arrival of the last Legion Raid which is Antorus, the Burning Throne However, I find that the population of Sylvanas is very large and I imagine that a BG (Battlegrounds) of 40 players VS 40 players would be a bloodbath! I personally can not wait to be there and witness this bloody war between the 80 players! On my own, I probably would not be able to persuade the Firestorm team to Script these two Battlegrounds as soon as possible, but with your support, dear community, we'll get there ! Alterac Valley : Isle of Conquest : Sincerely, ShreddingZ.
  2. Any news about these BGs ?
  3. thanks for the support buddy !
  4. Not a bad idea indeed ! But I think it can't be done on Sylvanas since it's a PVE realm unlike Gremyan
  5. What you are saying prouve that you aren't such a PVP player as us, cause you know, we PVP players, like it when the BG take 1 hour or more, it's like when you are doing some Raid you pass a couple of hours in it enjoying your PVE, so do we when we are in a long BG, we jsut can't feel the time pass when we are killing, and killing , this is something only a true PVP player will understand mate But as encinao said you can just discard these long BGs, and don't worry it wont take a long time for others to join other BG, there is a lot of people logging in Sylvanas ( 4000 players on average connected ).
  6. hello, Well today I met several players in Sylvanas who want to play a long BG such as Alterac Valley, so maybe it's time to bring back these BGs and test them. I'm sure the admins wont regret that decision and it will not be a waste of time scripting Alterac Valley & Isle of Conquest or maybe only Alterac Valley for testing at first.
  7. It will be so awesome if they script them !
  8. Title: Swift Purple Raptor Type: In-game Description:  Hello, I wanted to have this mount Swift Purple Raptor that is sold by Samamba in the glance crown (Silver Tournament) but this NPC sells the other 2 mounts except that one. I inform you that I have earned Champion of Sen'jin by completing daily quests and I have enough Champion's Seal to purchase this mount. I farmed this mount for several days, I'm disappointed not to have found it in NPC shopping, I really wish I had it. Would it be possible for a GM to give it to me in the game or a developer to script it so I can buy it ? This mount does not appear in the Firestorm Shop, so there's really no way I can get it. Thank you for your answers in advance