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  1. Incompatible usually means that you have the wrong WoW version to connect to it. Run Blizzards WoW Launcher to get all wow 7.3.5 files.
  2. There is a bug tracker which you should use to submit bugs.(under the More menu).
  3. Installing fast: Copy your current 7.1.5 directory to somewhere else. Download the installer / WoW installer Point the Blizzard WoW installer to the copy of 7.1.5 Download the Firestorm PTR archive appropriate for your platform (Windows or Mac) When the WoW installer is done, unpack the Firestorm PTR archive to the WoW directory Run the PTR executable (-64 if you have a 64 bit OS). Keep your main 7.1.5 WoW install to so you can keep playing on Sylvanas. Some common problems: Problem: 0% CPU using WoW instance when running the PTR executable in your 7.1.5 directory Solution: Install WoW 7.3.5 somewhere, unpack the Firestorm PTR archive to that directory, run the proper PTR executable from that directory.
  4. Will Suramar quest line be fixed? Not that it matters overly much, but it was one of the things I never got around to see on the official servers, and would like cross off my bucket list.