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  1. Bump
  2. Just wondering why one just about every second kill you get flagged for PVP? Had I wanted to PVP all the time I would have joined a PVP realm! Garrosh is not a PVP realm. Also even with the few players on Timeless Isle the spawn rates for mobs is terrible. The large chests that are suppose to be in set areas are not there unless they fall under the terrible spawn rates. Please, please fix this.
  3. Firestorm you guys have a long way to go before you should have even put this realm up for open play. The whole reason I started on your game is that i love the content of MOP and I love questing to get my lvls but darn near every quest is broken, there are level 90 mobs running around in the starting area. I've died countless times. If anyone asks me about your servers I'm going to tell them not to bother.
  4. ROFLMAO Finally got the quest to work that starts MOP and the Skyfire is not in the air just North of SW Harbor! So now what???????
  5. You've asked us to report any game bugs, well my friend i do not have that much time. What you guys need to do is what Blizz does actually have someone playing the game to test areas before releasing. If you guys were to start a character and level it from level 1 to (I made it to 85 so far) 85 you would find that the whole thing is one big bug. vary few quests actually work especially 80 to 85.
  6. Fixed
  7. I just hit lvl 70 and went to Dal to get the tomb of cold weather flying and the npc does nothing. She just says Hello.