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  1. ok thank you all had toons
  2. in our house 2 ppl play on this server when borris comes can only one of us get a 110 toon or can both of us ????
  3. I can gather felwort but says I need to learn felwort gathering but got no quests for it
  4. its never worked
  5. what not even staff know where to get felhide says it all really
  6. where can I get felhide as wqs not working
  7. why delete if you don't want to play don't log on simple
  8. ive picked the same herbs five times now think everybody should have 30 fps compo
  9. whats with all the server restarts and crashes
  10. how do I get my demon hunter to fly I see a lot of DH flying all my other toons can fly ????
  11. As you're aware yesterday we restored reputations, achievements, mounts, and titles that were lost due to an unforeseen circumstance. We applied a fix to correct this error and it should no longer happen anymore. As for why the realm is taking long to return, the restoration didn't fully complete and we're currently finishing the rest of the restorations. We're truly sorry for the downtime and working on returning the realms back to their normal state. There is no ETA (Estimated Time of Arrival) on their return. Please be patient and we'll keep you up to date when we receive more information.
  12. servers down more than a prostitute's knickers lmao
  13. Greetings. We are implementing some hotfixes. The server will be back up soon. I wish you a great day. from firestorm
  14. ok ty
  15. is there a problem I cant log on