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  1. Everytime i log with my warrior the game crashes GJ BTW!!! How to unstuck it??????
  2. DK is best for MM
  3. I Dont think there is a bug , just the numbers are tooooo low , my Mortal Strike says 190 dmg this is so low but not a bug. My rogue rapture dot crit for more than Mortal Strike...
  4. Iam trying to raid with my Arms Warrior its just phatetic how low dmg it does in Pve -- 300 or 350k( if i get lucky with procs) on single target its funny... yee funny coz Mortal Strike with all CD crit for 750k this joke .... when i enter PVP zone my numbers are lower with 10k... Mortal Strike --- 190k - to 180k ... Everywere i reed Arms is very good for PVE on 7.1.5 but not here why??
  5. I dont think you understand how low dmg Arms does in PVE against single target .... when mage does 750k dps arms does 300-350 and please tell me is it normal Mortal Strike in Pve to crit for 700k with all CD's ?? This is joke! There is 0 difference betwen dmg in Pvp and Pve. Iam at 100% sure its somthing wrong
  6. I have the same problem i contact Gm ... but nothing... fix this please... lol