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  1. This is exactly why people leave - why bother with a server you can't even connect to?
  2. Same here on the last two days. Looking for a new server.
  3. Same here: went to my Class Hall, got a quest to recruit a new champion, completed it, got the new champion but the quest "Champions of Legionfall" didn't complete. I don't know if there's something else to do that isn't clear, or if it's just another bug.
  4. I can't see most of the quests in Val'Sharah - NPCs missing or not giving quests, phasing issues and more. Many players reporting those same issues
  5. Hello there! You just have to "camp" it - park your character near the construction table and check the table every one or two hours. Eventually you'll be able to donate resources to the construction and finish the quest - I finished mine today!