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  1. If you think the developers are not aware of this problem your ether new to the server or have not been paying attention. The reason it has not been fixed an will not be fixed anytime soon is they would need to rewrite a lot of the code which i do not see happening. Why do you think they added the NPC artifact it sure was not just as a cosmetic? Be grateful that at least you can get passed it an not sit there stuck with nothing you can do further.
  2. 7/25/2018 at 6:58 AM ""Level 110 Weathered Heirloom Armor casing"" The level 110 Weathered Heirloom Armor casing still does not work today. I purchased one Weathered Heirloom Armor casing to see if the developers have ever fixed it. When applied it worked upon re-login the item reverted back to max heirloom level of 100 instead of what it should have been which is 110 max. Bug tracking has already been submitted as of June 13, 2018 00:55:30 with no response. Bug tracker Report
  3. bug

    There is reasons why this an world quest rewards do not scale correctly which is loot boxes which is also the reason you have low drop chances on a legendary.
  4. Currently it is way to easy to be flagged when interacting with NPC's or using AOE spells during world quests or in general compared to retail. So adding any type of extra system like your suggesting all i can see is it having major problems. An forcing some players who chose not to pvp into a pvp server.
  5. Why not just join the pvp server ?
  6. Last time i looked they did not have two options one with learning the recipes an one with out after checking you are correct it looks like they just added a new option to sell it with or with out the recipes so in essence you are correct if you chose that option. With is 65 with out is 40
  7. Thankful you do not need the quest completed to move forward just talk with the artifact lord to get your artifact weapon. Once you do this then glide over to the DH order hall an you can click your order hall table go to scouting tab an select a mission to or use the adventure journal.
  8. This is actual an ongoing problem an has never been fixed sadly an it has nothing to do with dungeon settings. It is caused due to the NPC which is supposed to follow you into the instance an the following script to make the NPC do this was never written.
  9. 1 ) There are bugs with raids an mythic though they do work to some extent including LFR. 2) Yes just look at the shop under loot boxes i do not think anything else needs to be said. 3)The game is playable though do not expect perfection because you will not find it on any private server
  10. The NPC to attack was bugged i posted on the forums an bug tracker they fixed it two days ago so unless it got bugged again recently it should be fixed.
  11. Make sure you submit it to bug tracker as well
  12. @MadK0rt When you buy from the shop you do not learn all the recipes so i am unsure how what you posted is relevant ?
  13. grievances

    Yes i applied for GM though was told i do not put enough effort in when your current GM's close tickets with out fixing said problem's an Ban or mute people just for fun nice environment.
  14. I am not sure what was broken though seems like skinning trainer no longer trains past 610
  15. How can they sell gear if it drops more frequent ? Considering the fact they care more about $$ gain then making a health environment.