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  1. You alright pal? Try think and talk like a normal person before getting all heated and talking nonsense. People would want to help you out more if you had a nice attitude to you. To say you're being bullied by this server. What are you, 6? Alan gave you a perfect response, now comply with it. Show him a screenshot.
  2. game

  3. They are trying to stop people mob farming, I think? As the wolves are in an alliance area they have made it so that alliance can't attack them. I don't really understand this logic. It feels like it'd make more sense to just make the wolves give less xp than just directly block a faction from attacking them. Odd devs
  4. Solid replies. Interesting, I'll probably end up leveling a char too this then and comparing the /played - Definitely a more unique way to level through
  5. 1) Why are you killing mobs and not just questing? 2) If killing mobs hold you back in gear, it wouldn't be efficient to do this, making other methods of leveling way better? 3) How do you manage to not know about leveling 80-85 if you're making a guide on leveling. 4) How did you get level 110 if you have no idea how to level 80-85 in the guide you've just made? 5) If I followed your guide, how long would it take to obtain level 110? 6) Do you find your guide better than normal methods of leveling? I personally don't think this is a great guide and would advise new players not to follow this. There's faster ways to level and much better ways to level where it doesn't hold you back in gear. By the time you're level 60, you'll be level 60 with weapons for level 7's. This is an awful way to start leveling.
  6. At first I tried using the launcher to update the game. It did some updates and the launcher now says 7.3.5 but clicking play does literally nothing. Secondly I tried downloading the .zip(minimal) and doing it that way but I am getting this error thrown at me. Just wandering if anyone else has had something similar and found a fix before I decide if I want to go ahead and download the client all over again.
  7. game

    Winner winner chicken dinner.
  8. Yes. Use the launcher.
  9. Is your internet ok?
  10. I think your best bet on something like this would suggest lowering the minimum sale value on characters and being able to put them onto different accounts by selling/buying them.
  11. Doesn't your government block your access to warcraft? Or is that old news and no longer a thing?
  12. Looks fun. What's your total BG's played -> BG's won?
  13. Sorry, the above is for Legion and you won't have those lines of text in the wotlk config file. Instead, first check in your Data folder to check if you have the folder enUS. If you haven't, you'll need to download this from a wotlk torrent, by just selecting the Data->enUS folder to download instead of the whole client again. If you've got the enUS folder then you just simply change the following in WTF/Config SET locale "frFR" -> SET locale "enUS"
  14. Go to the WTF folder and open up the config folder. SET textLocale "enUS" SET audioLocale "enUS" Change these to your language. Hope this helps you @Gnomgalf