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  1. So, bfa is being released on retail in just a few days, and all I hear is how people are going to leave firestorm and return to retail.. and I cannot blame them. Half the dungeons are still bugged, some are not even doable with game-ending bugs like the spider boss in "the arcway". However, all this could be fine, if it werent for the sudden lag spikes and server disconnects. What are firestorm doing to keep players on the server? Its become a real pay2win server, where leggos and end-game gear are being sold for rediculous prices on the firestorm shop. Content are too slow to keep players on the server, and the drop rate has no signficiant boost compared to retail, so I don't see how firestorm can keep people from leaving for retail- and this bothers me, I do not want half my guild to leave the server. What is the plan here firestorm? You're earning a lot of money on lootboxes and store related content, however dev-development are going way too slow.
  2. Hi, Can someone tell me how this priest can run around and 1-shot me in battlegrounds? Im playing on a 921 resto druid on sylvanas, and I don't understand how his attack can hit me for that amount of damage.
  3. Hi, I am wondering if the legendary droprate has been nerfed after the release of lootboxes availble at the shop? This is the first week where I havnt seen any legendary drops, and the same goes for the entire guild news tab, nothing has dropped since the release. Anyone else seen a decrease in legendary drops?
  4. I've noticed a lot of bugs in dungeons after the recent server restart. It seems everytime you fix one problem, you add a few more. There are big problems with vault of the wardens, MoS and Cathedral this week. Instances reset themself and you have to start all over. Some bosses are just crazy overpowering, like the 2nd boss in MoS. Last boss in Vault of Wardens resets in the middle of the fight. And Cathedral 4th boss doesnt reset if you wipe, meaning no one can release and is forces to quit the attempt and port out. Any fixes coming anytime soon?
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  6. Can anyone tell me why the server has been crashing atleast 12 times this morning? Any status report or notification on the issue? just a few days ago the server was offline for several ours while they allegedly moved the server to a more powerful system. This seemed to fix nothing in my experience.
  7. Synergy is a new english-speaking EU horde guild created by experienced firestorm players. We're looking to do end-game content and PvP. We're currently recruiting all classes with an item level of 880 and above. Our average ilvl is currently 900+, we do daily mythic runs and pvp. We are looking to start raiding as soon as we grow a bit. If you're interested in an up and coming english-speaking guild, we welcome you with open arms! Please contact Iskald (or) Deathkicker, Felslasher, Paranoic, Smugface - In-game, if you want to join up with us!