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  1. Hello @brnatovic1983, If you mean transfer a character from another server. Sadly we do not provide that kind of assistance. If you mean transfer a character from our old servers, check the shop there is an option for that Greetings, Mikhalia
  2. Hello @budhho, Rewards are listed below: Prestige 1: Pet: Alliance Enthusiast or Horde Fanatic Prestige 2: Artifact: New Appearance Prestige 3: Toy: Honorable Pennant Prestige 4: Mount: Prestigious Bronze Courser Prestige 5: Title: The Honorable Prestige 6: Artifact: New Color Prestige 7: Pet: Dutiful Squire or Dutiful Gruntling Prestige 8: Toy: Prestigious Pennant Prestige 9: Mount: Prestigious Ivory Courser Prestige 10: Title: The Prestigious Prestige 11 Artifact: New Color Prestige 12: Toy: Elite Pennant Prestige 13: Mount: Prestigious Azure Courser Prestige 14: Title: The Unrelenting If something went wrong please report it on our bug tracker (link here) or send an in-game ticket (GM-ticket firestorms addon is required). Greetings, Mikhalia
  3. Hello @wheelchairbtw, If there is something that doesn't work properly, feel free to report it on our bug tracker. (link here) Greetings, Mikhalia
  4. @2ice0 I am from german timezone as well (CET) and works perfectly for me, also I didn't say just for the timezone . Blizzard addons might be the problem Greetings, Mikhalia
  5. @2ice0 As I said "blizzards default" addons. There is no place you can download them instead of blizzards app. About the timezone it makes sense, cause you are not in the same timezone like the other players. Greetings, Mikhalia
  6. Delete cache and error folder, might be that
  7. Hello @uggore, make sure you run your game at max resolution, also go to system settings, then network and finally make sure "Optimize network for speed" is checked. Greetings, Mikhalia
  8. Hello @ReijiOozor, Class mounts and new appearence can be obtained after deafeting your mage tower challenge in broken shore. Quests don't work at least for now cause it would take lot of time for developers to fix them one by one.(They might work in the future) Greetings, Mikhalia
  9. Hello @Wtbfix, I see that you found lot of bugs about MoP server and that you think it's not balanced that way. If you could be kind and report those bugs here (Bug tracker). Developers always keep an eye on Bug Tracker, maybe they will balance things out. Remember to be patient while Firestorm Staff do their best to make it through. Greetings, Mikhalia
  10. Hello @RiskingItAllPls, I'm not sure why that happened. The right place to make it a ticket is for sure shop support. (Link here). Remember to be patient Greetings, Mikhalia
  11. Hello @EliteGold, That's a visual bug, don't worry about it when everyone will accept, you will get teleported inside the raid, if they don't you will be in queue again. PS: don't spam enter raid, just press it once, you will have to wait for everyone. Greetings, Mikhalia
  12. Hello @Dinamida, To be able to send in-game tickets, you'll have to download and install the "GM-ticket" addon. (link here) Make sure that wow is closed while you install the addon. After installing, open the game, press "Esc" button then go to help -> Create a new ticket. Remember to be patient Greetings, Mikhalia
  13. @loldog that's happening cause ur timezone is different from the server time (CET). So you might have to do the legion assault before or after the actaul time happening. Also make sure you have the blizzard's default addons. Greetings, Mikhalia
  14. Hello @Extrudes, That depends on your timezone, legion assaults for you might be after or earlier than the actual time ( which is server time). Also make sure you have blizzard's default addons. If you need more help reply here or DM me. Greetings, Mikhalia
  15. No problem @DarkPaladin, with your permission, should I lock this post ?