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  1. Incredible gameplay
  2. U are the best brother. Inshallah, lmao jk LMOK
  3. Hello friendos, I would just like you all to know that I am actually the greatest player of all time.
  4. keep begging me to unblock u on discord u know im daddy boy, stuck 2.2 on wod and legion fs for the last 2 years how does it feel amigo? my computer isn't even on for 2 hours a day btw you look like myrtle from harry potter, every1 bullied u out of the discord because u were getting roasted LOL ??????????????
  5. I played 1 hour a day and took a break for weeks at a time, vals disc was literally 2200 with 400-400 before i even queued with him, i made a whole new retail account and got 2.4 with about 50 wins and he screenshots every achievement i got because it was that easy to get for me and so quick lmao, i bet if i logged on my live hunt it would still have less than 12 hours /played. I don't play retail and will never, it means nothing but iv been higher than u both combined on cata mop and wod and the 1 expansion i don't even play you get loud LOL. I could literally get Junash to log eu with djfear and i'm sure I could easily get high rated but who gives a fuck would rather not waste my time, i know i'm the best hunter in the world. & Val why you saying x6 r1 feral whispered u LOL that's literally what i told u when a feral joined and whispered me we need to replace disc to get 2.6 LOL??? why u literally using ur own insult against me???? LMAO
  6. but yet you've never beaten me in your life but you have the audacity to say you'd beat me??? i don't even play live, i subbed to live for my boi izi and played hunter with val trash disc because he begged me everyday and i queued once a week and still got higher than u LOL i'd literally not play and fuck bitches for 3 weeks then queue for 1 hour and never lose on live that's how easy it was for me to get my shit, and i couldn't give a fuck if u are higher than me iv probs spent a collective 24 hours on legion in my life /played compared u to 365 days
  7. me and the boys taking OVER
  8. You can't bring live to the table you're a trashcan that's stuck 2.2 every season LOL??? i played 150 games and got 2.4 with val disc and i played once a week lmao???? uv played all of legion for 10 hours a day streaming and ur literally still dogshit LOL??? how aren't you remotely good yet? have u ever beaten me btw? have u fuck mate i'm way too good for u and all ur friends lf challenge
  9. 3 r1 titles on wod, every single 1 of them u sat rating once me and the boys came LOL, u even had to wintrade ur hpal on last hours of season to get r1, literally my alt hunter was higher and better w/l than all ur chars combined
  10. Lmao ya gregg boi u remember when we stomped his rdruid turbo that he said he was going to win in opener as, beat him 5 games in a row, next day he comes on and says he's gunna q hpal shatter and kill the feral in a hoj, proceeds to lose the next 4 games in a row many of much u didn;t even bubble because ur a trashcan. we literally gatekept u bro never forget, nobody likes u, just quit the game holy fuck lmao
  11. Firstly let me just dismantle all of your points you absolute spotty geek. First of all, I am the most humble player to players that treat others with respect, I just expose and shit on little kids like you who think they're far too good for any server but in reality you're the biggest meme of anyone i've seen on firestorm. You are absolutely dogshit and I gatekept you in s2 wod even made you quit for 2 months until you paid Xaun for my ip to ddos me you braindead infidel. Literally never beaten me in your btw, literally never, garbage btw. Second of all, I had #1 on ladder with Narutogregg and Cerad before Junash and Djfear even came to the server but you were close to getting it correct mate, Junash just helped me get better at the game because he was the best jungle feral in wod by a mile. I don't play retail because I have better shit to do in my spare time than play 6 hours a day like you and Val. I still make fun of val to this day btw and I have never ever begged him to queue with me, he asked me to play with his retail ret for 3 months straight but i never subbed, so yet again you were close to the truth peabrain but yet still so far. Gladiator means absolutely nothing on retail or anywhere lmao? what is your point? he is still a trashcan rat stuck at 2.2 on wod who used to beg me to queue with him to help him get r1 LOL trashcan. You aren't even good at any class, literally no class. Everybody takes the piss out of you daily bro u are the biggest meme ever you autistic monkey, hows it feel? to wake up knowing ur gunna get laughed at when u play wow, u turn stream on, every1 is just laughing and clipping ur shit plays, i don't think i've ever seen u win an argument. Jungle was also beatable in s2 just nobody good enough to beat my jungle because it was actually played perfect by me and my teams. #biggestmemeofserverbtw #2.5btw
  12. Are you delusional or just actually mentally disabled? there's not 1 class that would have your name on lmao
  13. Playing with lord valeudez and a negative win loss feral how eZ
  14. imagine i get back from climbing mount everast and ur still here playin firestorm lurking on the forums and discord talking to the wheelchair kids and spam qin 2s LOL waiting for my wargame btw any expansion (pref mop bcuz i know i could clap u hardest there)
  15. Imagine trying to snipe lord zull and Narutogregg as tryhard TSG in skirms because we clapped ur cheeks in world chat, as u can see, worst TSG iv ever seen in my life i think 1.2k mmr on retail could actually do a better job! lOsInG tO TrIpLe dPs BtW