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  1. Missing items from shop After buying 5 chest youre supposed to receive an item that is 905 ilvl i have bought more than 10 boxes and im not receiving my aditional items, i need help.
  2. Buy 80 points and level up to 100 by buying the levels on the page, leveling is bugged after this patch, unless u are a plate everything will smack you, dungeons are not working at all, not all quests are scripted, and draenor bonus objetives are not working. Also draenor mobs one shot you.
  3. I want my armor can any Gm please help me
  4. No, i havent get the quest i go daily to the vindicaar and nothing happens.
  5. I was ask to create this post, since nobody is helping my ticket in game, it haves like 1 week without being answered. I did level up my lightforged draenei from 20 to 110 and i did not received my heritage armor, pls help!