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  1. Title: shard farming horde/alliance Type: Website Description:  so when farming shards in broken isle either on faction horde or alliance make it so when farming your AoE spells won't mark you as pvp and let the alliance or horde kill you when all your trying to do is farm for your character. I don't think its fair for newer people joining when farming with friends or alone they have to worry about a player that has been playing longer or is better geared than them to just keep camping their body when they respawn. I know you can fix this by logging out and back in but then later you just get flagged again would be nice if you didn't have to worry about that while farming shards
  2. Title: suggestion Type: In-game Description:  make it so when you rez at the angel you dont get rez sickness or when you unstuck from site you dont get rez sickness just remove rez sickness completely its dumb.. not my fault there is a bug that dont let you revive on corpse.
  3. is boris realling tomorrow? and does it really give free instant 110? sorry im new and i herd about it being tomorrow ingame