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  1. Lol its pretty obvious i aint gonna reply because if i reply your gonna say the exact same and dont know probably what ur typing between what im saying
  2. I mean, it does not help, first of all , cause of the grind, but not only that, that its almost required to be a pve slave, in order to just pvp, and since things arent even balanced, cause of so many issues, that cant be resolved at 1 damn time, i think that the best thing to do, is to make it like legion, but obviously if you are a pver, you will not like it, and idk what the hell are you actually saying about the ''killing pve'' stuff are u ok?, how can that happen, do you think so many ppl will swap to the insta realm pvp that pve will be unexistant? yeah jokes on u.
  3. Title: PvP realm in sethraliss. like wod did and legion did. Type: In-game Description:  We need a pvp only realm, like legion did and wod did back then there should be absolutely no problem
  4. Your bags
  5. Where??
  6. LUL
  7. Still server down feelsbadman
  8. isurmomgeytho
  9. And by Pvp legion indumentary i mean the actual season, we re on season 3, should put those insteed
  10. Put a Npc for players that are 2,2+ on 1v1 rated or 2v2 or 3v3 ELITE GEAR mog Indumentary lowkey unfair since its a pvp realm