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  1. So I have seen some Videos On this kind of topic, but my case Is a bit different. As the Videos hawe shown, there Is a winrar File. Full legion Client thingy, that you hawe to open, and so on and so on. But the thing Is, that I don't have that kind Of Winrar file When I download the game. I have other things 1. a Folder named Data 2. A Winrar shit called 3. Another folder called Interface 4. And lastly a Play Firestorm.exe, Which didn't seem to work, as It just gave me a long ass ERROR message. I have also downloaded the Launcher, and I started downloading the game there first. I may have screwed up there, Or I don't know anymore. I just wanted to play If anyone could help me Install It properly, I'd be more than thankful. Also I hawe come from TauriWoW. That server Is dying really bad... 800 players tops.