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  1. Hey guys. I wanted to play WoW now,but after I wrote my password It said both Realms are offline, It says same on page,anyways,what is happening? update or bug? Thanks
  2. Hello, I have a really big problem. Let me get this clear. Original server: Divine shield automatically turns on when you are on low health,but you can carry a flag/orb/minecart when it turns on. Here: Divine shield automatically turns on when you are on low health, but you cannot carry a flag/orb/minecart,in other word you drop it. Just today I have dropped flags and orbs about 10 times and we even lost 'cause of me... It pisses me off and I recommend doing it as on original server, Being able to carry a flag/orb/minecart with Divine shield. That is all I am asking you to do 'cause I don't want to blamed for something I did not do myself. Even If you decided to not make Divine Shield Usable while carrying a flag/orb/minecart, I won't be mad and bothered much by that as long as it wouldn't be Automatically... I think that is unfair, 'cause at this point Auto Bubble is Auto Drop. Class and spec: Paladin Retribution
  3. Title: Working WoW Type: In-game Description:  As Much As I remember Firestorm's MoP had all working quests on Azeroth and Outlands, but as it came to WoD it was like they just started all over instead of copying the codes,... from MoP and just upgrading WoD. Some other people were asking why wasn't it done that way so My suggestion is to copy the codes,... from MoP, copying all working from WoD and Legion and then upgrading rest, and not rewriting all over again. Thanks
  4. Where are you from lol, cuz of Old JU language , are ya slavic?
  5. I play Minecraft, Heroes of Might and Magic/Might and Magic heroes, Unreal tournament 1999, Burnout Paradise City, Attack on Titan,... and you guys?
  6. That's the problem, haven't seen it anywhere
  7. Oh thanks, I thought I was the only one
  8. I started the game via launcher and successfully logged in. As Always I had to wait on the loading screen of Legion(when it loads the map,...) It didn't load and it kicked me out till Log in screen. When I tried to login again I had to choose between 2 realms, I choose Sylvanas and it said Incompatible. I restarted game twice, but still says incompatible. I restarted PC, but still same. I tried to search on forums ,but I had no luck. Please Help.