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  1. I support opening these two battlegrounds definitely
  2. Shadow Dragon Clan
  3. it doesnt matter what region u choose that's only for blizzard not firestorm
  4. as far as pvp greymane against sylvanas the pvp system in legion even on firestorm isset to where everyones stats are balanced when they enter a pvp zone arena or battleground. the procs from legendaries and trinkets do not work in the pvp zones so getting 880 gear on greymane wouldn't make a difference because of the stat normalization in pvp zones
  5. See images of issues
  6. on my demon hunter Phoenixfyre i can use the table at broken shore to contribute legionfalls supplies on my mage Selenestar not even 15 second later i cant my mage has never been able to interact with the construction table she also cant turn in the begin construction quest where my other character can I cant even do the guy standing next t the tables quest I also have max legionfall supplies and cant turn them in because of this. she has done all the quests except the two this npc gives I have cleared cache reinstalled everything. this mage is the only one that cant even click the table. I put this one bugtracker a fresh GM forum mod said it neede dto go there. weird enough I am the only person on this particular character that cant interact with the stupid table. mind you my mage has done more of the quests in legion over all than my Dh if anyone bugged I would think it would have been my DH LOL
  7. were u on a horde character exploiting the flag but in stormwind?
  8. that's why I like legion theres no diff between pvp and pve gear
  9. i am on broken isles my demon hunter can turn in legionfall supplies at the construction table all day. my mage cant even click the table at all. even when it is on cooldown my demon hunter can at least click the table my mage has done all the same quest my demon hunter has my mage isn't even getting the cathedral quest from khadgar like my demon hunter did. I should be able though to at least click the table on my mage makes no sense please help
  10. many of us have and will never see a legendary at the rate its going
  11. check u quest log
  12. spells and melee attacks on sylvanas are missing constantly even on mobs that are extremely lower level same level and higher level. since there is no more hit rating requirement we shouldn't be missing. everyone on world chat has noticed it too. it is literally impossible to quest I thought I would post here also posted it as a bug. it has been happening to everyone since last restart. thanks for reading and thanks to the devs for providing us with a great server.
  13. sylvanas has a ton of lag it takes roughly 15 minutes to do anything maybe a quick server restart?
  14. sylvanas down again can log into greymane but sylvanas is stuck on connecting
  15. well its 930 AM CEST not up yet sigh