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  1. I understand with the release of the new content that their would be some "bugs" and a tiny bit of "crashes/rollbacks" but it is getting a bit ridiculous. its starting to get to where the server is crashing every two hours especially during the x10 event. Since it is crashing so much how about do the whole server a favor and at least extend the x10 for a week to make up for all the crashes and rollbacks.
  2. Title: Here is a Novel suggestion Type: In-game Description:  Here is a novel suggestion for you how about holding off on Argus release til you get the actual patch and game we are currently in fixed. Here are some examples of things that need to be fixed and don't tell me you don't have the staff to do it. Cause I have seen in the discord how many developers and scripters you have, 1.) Fix the questing areas like Warlords of Draenor, and other areas that are not even working right. 2.) Script the dungeons and raids so those of us that like to farm transmog gear or I dunno que for the dungeons at the appropriate level can actually be able to go to them dungeons. 3.) Fix the professions and class hall quests so that they can actually be completed so we can have a complete profession at least one. 4.) Script Raids like in Mist of Pandaria and Warlords so that we can enter them be it to solo them or as a team to get transmogs or even train to get our team ready for current content. 5.) Actually get it to where you can actually que for mythics instead of having to que for a heroic run out and then change it to mythic and then run back in. 6.) Since you have two legion servers cross server them or even cross faction dungeons and raids and even pvp so there is not and over abundance of wait time to get into dungeons or PVP. (EX alliance almost instant que for either and horde the wait time seems like three Christmases can pass before you can get a que to pop.) 7.) During a shard farm make the beams work properly and the Fel crap circles work properly where if you run them thru the mob the mob takes damage from them as well. Since that is how it is suppose to be working anyway. 8.) Here is another novel idea maybe fix the spells that flag people when they are shard farming so they don't have to worry about getting ganked on by idiots that are just there to flag someone to farm honor. And it will also help prevent constantly tab targeting the flagged people since there is an over abundance of them since spells cant seem to not flag people by accident. (It is a script fix if you cant fix a simple script change like that then hire someone you make enough from all of us who spend real life money in this game.) 9.) And can we knock the legendaries down some or at least their proc's they are ridiculous.(Ex. some legendaries are popping people for 5 million damage when they are not able to do that on retail.) Its time they get nerfed. 10.) Since you are giving the chance to buy legendaries in the shop how about taking the legendary drop % rate and raising it from a 0.005% to an easy 5% so that those who aren't using mommy and daddies credit cards to spend hundreds of dollars can have a fair chance at getting legendaries. ( Mind you I spend a fair share but not to the extent some do its time to give a more fair chance to those who cant afford to buy legendaries.) 11.) As far as the shop go how about lowering some of the character things a bit I have to pay 10 more firestorm points to faction change my character than It would take to just buy a characters level to 100. 12.) Can you please train your game masters a little more on the definitions of the code of conduct and enforcing them. I as well as other have made reports and have provided enough evidence to support our claims and they are getting marked as Invalid when even multiple screen shots have been sent. I am noticing a trend that people who say slang that is defamatory to the LGBT community is let off when it is a DIRECT infraction of the code of conduct. And then people using things against other people religion another direct infraction of the code of conduct those reports are getting marked as invalid. In my person experience as a Game Master for Blizzard entertainment itself years ago when I worked there I had to put my own personal beliefs and feelings towards certain people, their beliefs or their lifestyles away and be completely unbiased to all situations. A good rule of thumb train your GMs to keep their own feelings and thoughts about things away from the game cause when they let people go for certain things and people start noticing that they aren't getting reprimanded by this gm or that gm then you start getting a tarnished reputation and I don't want to see Firestorm get a tarnished reputation because of bad word of mouth and that is one way to prevent it is to train GMs a little better especially your trial game masters. A lot of your GMs do a fabulous job but you need to retrain some to keep their personal beliefs away from being a game master. Oh almost forgot get your gms to be a little more proactive watching world chat cause a lot of sexually explicit content and racial discrimination and a crap ton of other discrimination and harrassment is slipping thru the cracks cause of the GMs not constantly monitoring world chat. Well that is all I have for now. Hope it helps make this server the best it can be and the best private server there is cause I cherish this server as one of the best private servers around. So hope my feedback helps.
  3. I was grinding out on Broken shores and Then got DC'd and now I cant seem to get logged in.. No server selection or anything. Is it Broke again? or how am I to get back into the game? A timely response would be appreciated thank you.
  4. they really need a server status forum telling us what they are doing for long it going to take and so on.
  5. Title: Server Status Forum Type: Website Description:  I feel that we need a forum on here a server status forum. tell us the players, what you all are doing. how long the restarts for. Are they just restarts or maintenance. how long they will be down. don't leave the players wondering what happened let us have a place to look. Not only will it make the players life easier it will also make it easier for the people and developers and GMs not having to read post that all all over the forums asking what happened.
  6. Also you all need to tell us how long it is expected to be down not leave us guessing just my feedback love the server but at least post and let us know exactly what is going on, on the forums. so we know how long it will be down.
  7. since it is never announced on the forums I really think everything should be announced here like get a server status forum when its restart maintenance how long is this restart or is it actual maintenance?
  8. Its like they all exist except the Legion ones.