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  1. I was grinding out on Broken shores and Then got DC'd and now I cant seem to get logged in.. No server selection or anything. Is it Broke again? or how am I to get back into the game? A timely response would be appreciated thank you.
  2. they really need a server status forum telling us what they are doing for long it going to take and so on.
  3. Title: Server Status Forum Type: Website Description:  I feel that we need a forum on here a server status forum. tell us the players, what you all are doing. how long the restarts for. Are they just restarts or maintenance. how long they will be down. don't leave the players wondering what happened let us have a place to look. Not only will it make the players life easier it will also make it easier for the people and developers and GMs not having to read post that all all over the forums asking what happened.
  4. Also you all need to tell us how long it is expected to be down not leave us guessing just my feedback love the server but at least post and let us know exactly what is going on, on the forums. so we know how long it will be down.
  5. since it is never announced on the forums I really think everything should be announced here like get a server status forum when its restart maintenance how long is this restart or is it actual maintenance?
  6. Its like they all exist except the Legion ones.