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  1. Hello, So heres my problem: I'm at my school library computer and they have a software that blocks any link containing the word "play" (along many other words to avoid kids playing games at library), and due to that, I'm blocked to find the download link. I'm spending 60 hours in library to recover some classes I missed, so I wanted to at least be able to log-in in-game. Can someone throw me the link for the instant play version of Legion so I can download it ? Costs nothing out of you to help me out on this! I think the first step/place for this is here: https://firestorm-servers.com/us/welcome/play (I can copy the link not enter it) Thanks in advance
  2. I just wanted to discord again
  3. I'm not completely sure how I could've feedbacked more respectfully, but I just wanted to put this here.
  4. They do, https://twitter.com/firestorminter, yet it's not updated for every downtime I guess
  5. Title: Offline warnings Type: Website Description:  When any server is offline, you could implement a small panel at the top of the page saying something to us, so we don't pani because the realm information takes minutes to update. A quick warning explaining why the break and how long it might take. ~Thanks in advance, pionear.