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  1. Title: Server crash during mythic+ dungeons Type: Website Description:  I wanted to suggest something to be done regarding server crashes during mythic + dungeons. I know this is a free to play server and therefore one can't expect for the server to function perfectly without crashing. However, it is extremely frustrating/tyring to be halfway done through a mythic, and then the server crashes. If it was once every 1-2 weeks it wouldn't be a problem. But its almost a daily issue. My suggestion: give an option to continue right where one was (mob %, timer, bosses cleared) right before the crash, or at least make it so the stone isnt burned down a level because of a server issue.
  2. heLLO, I'm a druid in BfA and I have enabled the Archdruid Lunarwing form (back from legion). I'd like to revert back to normal flight form, but I cant find the NPC thats supposed to offer this option (Faeb Skycaller), I've searched both in Dreamgrove and in Moonglade. What else can I do? Thanks!