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  1. Hello there, Majkeel. Keep in mind that the points can take by up to 24 hours to be accredited to your account after the payment. If that time has passed and you haven't received the currency, please submit a Shop Support ticket at Sincerely, Roderlain, Game Master.
  2. Hello there, player34234. This is not a Suggestion post. Reports about bugs ingame must be made in the Bugtracker ( Sincerely, Roderlain, Game Master.
  3. Hello there, HardyKingCZ. There is an Authenticator that you can enable in order to add another step to your account before log in. Unfortunately, we do not refund the gold and materials that you have lost. Sincerely, Roderlain, Game Master.
  4. Hello there, Ruttosempre. Thank you for your help reporting these offenders. This report post has been already taken care of. Sincerely, Roderlain, Trial GameMaster.