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  1. Well, if you are sick of a game, you can always hit alt + f4.
  2. dys soundz sed, veri s e d geme, even mor sed than detroyt: becum hooman :< tri to phacc sum pussi in dat reel lyfe geme and dipressiun lvl will sink mah boi <3
  3. They could aswell script it like you can transmog any item you like without any program, but this would be a lot of work for the devs and they wouldnt put so much work in something little like this.
  4. Not really. Those who abuse it already do, and will keep abusing it. And they get flagged ingame and caught pretty fast and get punished anyway. Nobody gets punished for this transmog ''hack'', unless they get forum-reported for it and not ingame, unlike the actual cheaters. Literally nothing will change about cheaters, since they will still get flagged and caught the same way. Only thing that will change is less people who get banned for nothing bad lol.
  5. Whoever said its on the forum rules once? Are you high again Blat lmao? Using a third-party program or modification to gain advantage over other players. How is a Tmog a advantage Blatnub?
  6. RIP english, gud grammar ^^ The amount of stupidity just annoyed me. Shalaya acted like my point was to allow cheating in general, or the use of cheat engine in general, no matter for what. Though i pointed out it should be ONLY allowed to change your transmog how you want. Nobody would care, if someone uses anything for 5 minutes just to change the appearance of his gear and then closing it afterwards. It literally wont make any difference for anyone, exept for the players who are afflicted by this.
  7. And it also wouldnt be hard for them to change that... just add a note to the Third party program rule section like ''Note: Customizing your transmog with a program is not bannable.'' like they added it in this rule here: Cross-Faction Healing/Resurrecting: Healing or resurrecting a player from your opposite faction that isn't in a raid, dungeon or sanctuary. Punishment: 2 days account suspension. Note: Cross Faction healing/resurrecting is not bannable near a raid/dungeon entrance
  8. Well, if you dont want it then why u even bother replying in this topic? If i dont want something and it doesnt bother me in any way then i dont care about it at all lol, so pointless..., unless you need to satisfy your urge for attention probably... and im sure u wont get bothered by people who get a custom transmog with a simple editing trick... unless you are some complete sociopath of course lol, so this wont affect you in any way, neither positively or negatively... pls think about others, not only yourself, thx. Because there are many people who want that... and actually do it, but they are getting banned for doing it most of the time. I often see people doing it on MoP, im not sure how it is on Legion... but yeah. They all risk their accounts to get banned for 7 days minimum according to rules. Its just stupid, that this is a valid offence for cheating, tho they dont do anything wrong with that tbh. Using cheat engine for speed and flying is one thing, using it for changing the appearance of your gear is entirely another. Your point makes absolutely no sense and is dumb af, sorry. My point is to allow using it for a custom transmog, not for using it for speed and flyhack. Its like banning knives, u can slice food with it to prepare a meal, but u can also kill someone with it, so better if we completely prohibit people from using one... See? Totally dumb logic. And actual cheaters will always cheat, no matter how the rules are. So i dont really get your point lmao.
  9. lmao
  10. I would suggest adding http://www.wowhead.com/item=87777/reins-of-the-astral-cloud-serpent to the shop aswell, since the instance is broken in WoD and Legion, last time i checked the instance was even closed. So its not even possible to legit get it.
  11. Title: Allow Custom Transmog via Cheat Engine pls Type: In-game Description:  Lets be honest, who does not want that? Either you dont care about this at all, or you do care about this, but you take the risk of getting banned when u do it. The only other things u can manipulate with cheat engine is speedhax and flyhax anyway, since stat, damage, health data etc is stored on server and cant be manipulated with cheat engine and the staff mostly has no problems catching them speed and fly haxors. And people who actually do that anyway, like mogging Illidans Warglaives on daggers or mogging the Hearthstone into a piece so the piece is not visible at all etc, wont get banned because fuckers like me report them. Think about it please, its just cosmetic, not unfair in any way at all and its easy to do that. I know that i would be not the only one who would love doing battlegrounds and arenas in a fancy dress as armor and flowers as weapon hehe. ;3 Or any other custom transmog, you cant deny that WoW attracts many RP-Players. It would add some fun and diversity in this place. So please exclude transmog manipulation with cheat engine etc from the ''Using a third-party program''-rule and dont see this as a bannable offence anymore.
  12. @Imi.
  13. I play the ''In and out game'' with your mom.