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  1. Ok the problem has been solved
  2. So i completed a quest called "Save yourself" which is part of the "Azsuna versus Azshara" storyline in Azsuna, and i've looked up the quest after that one which is"The head of the snake" but there was no npc to accept the quest (the npc should be in the same place where i finished the "Save yourself" quest) and this way i cant finish all storylines and wont be able in the future to fly in the Broken Isles. Does anyone know how i could get the quest i need to complete the storyline?
  3. This mission im supposed to throw a bomb at the gateway but i've thrown it so many times and it doesnt appear as being destroyed, i talk to the wing commander and also tried to trow the bomb in my own mount, does this mean that the quest is bugged? or am i doing it wrong in any way?
  4. Yes there is thank you
  5. i have the option to start the questline in the adventure guide, but no matter how much i click it it doesn't start work, tried to go to the quest board but there wasn't the option there. Is there another way to start the questline? In fact i can't start anything in the adventure guide.