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  1. Find the Bronze dragon Flight NPC on the outskirts of the entrances to Arathi and hae her turn it back in time and then see if the exploration works then
  2. Hi, Yesterday i was able to jump into Blackwing Lair on my paladin (Looking for the judgment set)i didnt finish it. So i decided that i can come and finish it today quickly, for some weird reason i just get stuck on the loading screen now trying to zone into the raid. i have used the unstuck and it just wont let me in now for some odd reason.
  3. Classic Content: I - have experienced a few quests that just dont work corectly but at least there are a ton of quests and options to lvl in....this just usually involves alot of running around but it is managble. Burning Crusade: - Not all quests and things are working....most of Zangermarsh and Hellfire Pen are all working, with your xp gin on x3 you should lvl through here pretty fast. Wrath of the Lich King: - No idea on the DK starting Experience as i still havnt been assed to start one - This is probably they most buggy other than WOd for me at least, the quests are bugged in Dragonblight, there are mobs around that can randomly 1 shot you. Alot of flying about trying to find working quests this i have found to be very frustrating. Cataclysm: -More Flying about trying to find working quests Mists of Pandaria: - I had one or two issues with Jade Forest but its pretty easy to get the levels you need, most of the stuff in Pandaland works decently. (Fly from flight hub to flight hub to find the quests) - Mostly? WoD: - Go from Flight hub to flight hub, that usually helps find the quests. - Yes the garrison does have issues and no they are not at all working even remotely close to how they should Legion: - Are the areas of the Broken Isles functional for leveling with quests/mobs - Well artifacts dont need to function anymore as they are redundant and from what i see the class halls dont work to well. -No idea as i already have a demon Hunter, so i cant see if they are available or not. Battle for Azeroth: - war campaigns and travel to the other continent - Work correctly. . None of the Warfronts work correctly. Other Problems: Do not LEVEL a Elemental Shaman yet as the talent changes have not been implemented on this server........just my 2 cents.
  4. I get that man and the coding for the shaman class is a pain in the ass cause of all the shared spells and effects. Im hoping you get through to the changes i have mentioned beore needs to happen being a free HK in every pvp is a tad annoying
  5. Hi i was wondering if and when the Elemental Shaman talent changes would be going live here........just saying it is horrid still being gimped by horrid talent choices.
  6. H, When will it be allowed for us to transfer our Characters from Sylvanus to the new server? (Im not sure exactly how this works so ye a little insight would be good)
  7. firestorm

    Question so if i download the BFA, will it be okay to run when the server goes online? or would i have to redownload a new client?
  8. Added: It is in the Conservatory of the arcane quests that i cannot see to take as the NPC seems to be invisible. Therefore i cannot continue with the quests to unlock the Missions there.
  9. Hi, Ive been playing for a few months and i have my main on Argus, the quests all seemed to be working decently until unfortunatly 1 point, I have gotten to Mcaree or what ever the place is called and i have to speak to the bot thingy....only problem is that the bot is invisible to me for some odd reason i tried to get rid of the quest and have it reset but alas it isnt working im still stuck in a phase now that i cant see the NPC to even give me the quest. Ive run around the map lookng for more quests anything but there is nothing, tons of areas that obviously have a quest tie in of some sort but no actual quests for them. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Kind Regards Realm: Sylvanus Character Name: Vashni LVL 110 .
  10. Been playing for longr than that and my Shaman still hasnt gotten one.....i know my luck is bad but not that bad...jeez
  11. Very very peeved.....lost a mount cause of this crap....had it in my bag and low and behold just GONE
  12. Hi i am not a happy camper......i managed to loot a worldspinner from a blingtron 4000 today...about 15 seconds before the server decided to logging in again and low a freaking behold its gone......please look through my account loot history and correct the problem which is YOUR problem. Kind Regards
  13. My question exactly......i play for maybe 2 mins and wow shock horror server crash -.-
  14. I know skinning has a leveling level the mobs get bigger to make the game scale correctly.....the problem is that you never get your skinning high enough to keep up with your level.....that is till max i would suggest holding off till max lvl and going from there....tht way you can skin the stuff in Legion and hopefully make a dent in it that way.
  15. having the same poblem as of the 2 of July 2018