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  1. Hi, im new on firestorm, my friends and me wants to start playing on it. But we like blizzlike servers with 1x rate, i know there is npc which can change your xp rate, but i can't find him, one some races i find him but on other i can't . So can you add a manual command to change xp rate. Like /xprate 1 , /xprate 3 or /xprate 5 , Thanks, bye.
  2. so there is no solve?
  3. i want to start playing wow on fire storm. I started downloading Legion on torrent but it's pretty slow , max dow speed is 100kB/s it's bouncing around 80-90kB/s . . . My download speed is 720kB/s . I don't know why is too slow, please help! Thanks.