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  1. So, everytime I get to Highmountain, I cant see the NPC's, on Thunder Totem, everytime I land there, there's always a ghost mob that came to attack me, and when I kill it, it drops a Drum for a quest that I dont even picked it up, righ now I'm in the quest to seek Barm Stonebreaker, but it wont show for me, I already tried to relog 3 times, but it dont work, plz help https://imgflip.com/gif/2juztp
  2. So, I want to play on the Firestorm server, because the other server that I play ( I wont mention it ) it have A LOT of unscripted quests, raids, dungeons and basic things, that after you hit lvl 110 and get some gear for your char what's left is only finding another group of players to either do BG or Mythic, worst of all, you went to the forum to get some kind of advice, there's no staff member to help.... What I want to know is, how far things are scripted over here, like basic shit ( Class Hall quests, etc), because I dont want to waste another month playing on a server that is bugged to the top,