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  1. HYPED for da boy Sethraliss! Firestorm did a GREAT Job at this one! <3
  2. Welcome back BORIS and im SO fucking hyped for BfA / ARGUS! <3 Good work F-Storm Team, still my fav server !!!
  3. Bugs are normal, even Blizzard have bugs. So dont cry and let them make money. Everyone want money and I think Firestorm is doing a great job here. I play since Pandashan on Firestorm and in my opinion their work is very nice! Keep it up and I see forward to the release of BfA <3
  4. Its nice that you guys will release a BfA Server!
  5. YES the best Server Network will release the best WoW Addon so far "BfA" I love you FStorm team <3
  6. Worked, im thankfull!
  7. Hey, I have since yesterday evening this visual bug from an Enemie at leveling to 110. And I tried soo much to get this away. Deleted Cache, Unstucked at Firestorm Website, reloaded, relogged, Spells which remove those effects. NOTHING works. Problem is I dont have any debuff or buff which makes me like this. Can anyone help me? Regards, Æøtas
  8. Hey there, am I able in any way to pay with PayPal at Fstrom? Because I have no other way I can Best regards, Cmrak
  9. You didn't understand my question. I am aware that the realm opens on 24th, but I was wondering if they could give the exact time?
  10. Do we know the exact time when the open beta will be open?
  11. thanks for the response.