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  1. Welcome back BORIS and im SO fucking hyped for BfA / ARGUS! <3 Good work F-Storm Team, still my fav server !!!
  2. Bugs are normal, even Blizzard have bugs. So dont cry and let them make money. Everyone want money and I think Firestorm is doing a great job here. I play since Pandashan on Firestorm and in my opinion their work is very nice! Keep it up and I see forward to the release of BfA <3
  3. Its nice that you guys will release a BfA Server!
  4. YES the best Server Network will release the best WoW Addon so far "BfA" I love you FStorm team <3
  5. Worked, im thankfull!
  6. Hey, I have since yesterday evening this visual bug from an Enemie at leveling to 110. And I tried soo much to get this away. Deleted Cache, Unstucked at Firestorm Website, reloaded, relogged, Spells which remove those effects. NOTHING works. Problem is I dont have any debuff or buff which makes me like this. Can anyone help me? Regards, Æøtas
  7. Hey there, am I able in any way to pay with PayPal at Fstrom? Because I have no other way I can Best regards, Cmrak
  8. You didn't understand my question. I am aware that the realm opens on 24th, but I was wondering if they could give the exact time?
  9. Do we know the exact time when the open beta will be open?
  10. thanks for the response.
  11. will the crossrealm be for pve too?