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  1. Nop. The launcher is running, but there is nothing else on the task manager. the legion folder has about 43GB right now, and it has been like that for weeks It used to be that i could restart the PC and open Legion directly through the firestorm-64.exe. That was the only thing that worked, but not even that anymore (Pandaria is still fine)
  2. So, i downloaded the launcher and tried to play on garrosh and everything went fine, the game downloaded just fine. So, i clicked to download Legion as well, on the standard folder and everything, and it took some time to work but eventually it did, the game opened and i was able to play while downloading the rest of the game. But ever since, i click on play, or directly on the laucher inside the folder and the cursor goes a little bit like its starting the game, but the game doesnt start. I've tried downloading the launcher and the game itself multiple times, but legion stays this way( however, i can play garrosh just fine). Can someone help me?