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  1. as a new player,you can actually level to 90 just by killing mobs?no need for quests at all?
  2. PS:Thanks for the fast response devs....thats why even Warmane or Tauri are better servers than yours,not because of high pop,but because they ACTUALLY TRY to fix things...another lost cause.
  3. So,i downloaded the full client and the minimal client,been trying to join the servers for 4 or 5 hours now,to no avail.Everytime i enter my account information in the MoP loading screen i get the thing where it asks me to make an account ,so it doesnt recognise your servers.Found the 'realmlist',that in the WTF folder,changed the realmlist to SET portal "",and still not working.And now when i try to open this god damn game it says the 'cannot stream required archive data' error log....For 5 freaking hours i've tried to fix this after multiple errors and crashes,now this.