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  1. With your due respect i dont care about little things,if you can do something like this(actually nothing,big waste of time) then you can fix EVERYTHING on the server and make it playable!!! Why would i pay you for some mounts/items if i can farm them? Why wont you fix that then? Cuz you dont care i guess,all you care is money money and 30% off... *drops mice*
  2. You are going to transfer from freakz to here? Srsly?
  3. "Such hot fixes" "Such updates" "Verry wow!" WHERE ARE THE FIXES!?!? Where are the chanelogs?? Who the hell cares about this? Give us the quality content first,then give us adds like this,all you care is about your shop and us donating you money by credit card,so you can do even more nothing like this,really disgusting,75% of the server is bugged and you are wasting time on this? Bravo Bugstorm and Shopstorm,bravo...Why not fixing some artifact skins or more dungeons/raids new/old we want to farm xmog and achivments,we want to actually play! Not PAY! Disgusting...
  4. So ive been asking myself...are you guys actually doing any fixes? Or... you just trying to get more and more money by donating? Your priority is not in-game conent as i can see...but it is web site shop, buy this,buy that,30% off blah blah blah... where are the fixes? Where is in-game conent? Who the f*ck cares about in-game shop? What about us that are not pay to win...we want to farm mounts,not buy them! We want to farm old/new conent for gear/xmog,we want to farm artifact skins! And how?!? By taking my credit card and buying for real money....disgusting...
  5. Mount dropable from chests?
  6. I dont think so,they are pretty easy for me and my team on mythic 8++
  7. 5k gold for 10 points HAHAHHAHAHA
  8. Class Hall quest's,campain,talents...etc
  9. Stick that nightmare you know where...60% of server content is bugged and they are relesing
  10. Im just confused?... He killed me in under of 3 seconds...