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  1. Replacing an account for an account! I offer my account on sylvanas it has 3x110 characters one has 851item lvl per account on garosh with dk class with at least 522 item lvl Słownik angielsko-polski - Tłumacz Google - › ...
  2. So I have to understand that the bfa will be slow to appear?
  3. I have an idea!! It would be nice to add a guild to the guild game because there is not this. There is only 1vs1, etc. bg and so there. Look at this and maybe add a guild pvp to the guild.
  4. What?
  5. Will patch 8.1.5 be added here where the new troll zandalari race is coming. You add?
  6. It's still the itself!I am trying to choose a language and I choose, but still the itself!!!
  7. Poszukuje Polaków do mojej polskiej gildii!! Nazwa gildii: Amnezja zapraszam wszystkich chętych polakow
  8. Siemka mordo podaj link do discorda
  9. ej ktoś jest?
  10. download via torrent because it's not the full version and it's fucking
  11. ziomuś
  12. Wejdz na ten link
  13. Wejdz na discorda poromawiamy
  14. Ok zaproś mnie jak coś za 10 min wejdę
  15. Witam was ponownie gracie teraz?