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  1. Excuse me but are you dumb? Yeah probably you are. You can simply donate in sylvanas too , buy 20x lootbox and get level 110 with boris or buy every single profession easily on Sylvanas too , and it's even easier to get professions up in sylvanas because Everything works in there , just log in to greymane and try to get 1 profession to 800 you will fail so hard i'm %100 sure about that. Playing on pvp realm doesnt mean we have to be thrown away like a piece of shit. So Don't compare with Sylvanas + Greymane , we have pvp templates all over the place and our legendaries dont even work. I don't want mounts or anything else i just want my character to be on BFA. They can delete my all mounts if they want to. So tell me the difference between Sylvanas and Greymane except mount vendors and 900 gear vendors? Next time when you gonna reply to me , please use your brain a little bit before saying something. PS: i bought my all transmogs so i deserve every single one of them. (which you can do that on sylvanas too)
  2. I'm playing on greymane since 2 years and i wanna talk for All greymane players. i believe every single player in Greymane deserves to copy at least 1 character to BFA. You treat to the players of Greymane like they are Nothing' and you forget how many people donated to this server from Greymane. It's not gonna be 'unfair' if you let us copy 1 character to BFA.. we deserve to play in BFA with our chars from Greymane. At least you can copy a character at least '950ilvl' or more it's gonna be more fair since it's instant 900 gear but people worked hard or donated to get 950+ilvl , so you can give us a chance to play in BFA with our main characters. We deserve it.
  3. Title: Asking players to show Date while reporting players in forums Type: Forums Description:  People are using same screenshots or videos recorded in same day to report people again and again. Can you guys ask players to show the Date and Time while they are recording videos or making screenshots about abusing players? for example 2 different players recording same thing at the same day and they are using those videos on their reports separately to extend players ban duration. So i think you guys should tell everyone to show Date and Time in those videos or screenshots to 'prove' the player is still abusing after 1st ban.
  4. It's 'Guide' idiot , learn english
  5. Title: Spectate pvp arenas Type: In-game Description:  Is it possible to add npcs to Spectate 2v2 1v1 3v3 arena games on Greymane realm ? it would be nice to watch arena games.
  6. Title: BUG on greymane Type: In-game Description:  Here's a suggestion , Ban this guy.. and recruit some english speaking gms , dont side only spanish people..