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  1. Ight, i bought a helmet on the firestorm store i have bought multiple items and its able to be transmogged by all classes even class specific items, From Wod, Mop, and lower. But for some reason today i bought a primal scaled gladiators helmet for pally when you can get it in with marks of honor. But on here you cant because it has the whole set except for the helmet unless you are alliance. so i bought the helmet on the website it went to my pally i used it it went in my transmogrify system but, i couldn't use it on other chars i could only use it on there. previously i had the whole set before this, before i had to buy from the website to do this. If anyone can help me with this i would be really grateful and it would be much appreciated.
  2. Nevermind it has not been fixed at all it still says missing when i try to launch from Firestorm64 and 32, when i use the launcher i don't think it is putting me in firestorms it might be idk but here is a picture of how retarded this is.
  3. Just go to greymane @AoiMikatsuki even though it just is pvp and full 880 gear at start with lvl 110, it also has Argus.
  4. OK, so i was playing last Sunday as my blood dk then i got off, the next day on Monday i couldn't log in because it said i was missing Cdn configuration file. So i did nothing about it for a week which was about my fault. I uninstalled firestorm and blizzard and reinstalled it and with the launcher, i was able to get back to the main screen. The screen says the exact same version of the firestorm pserver. But it is saying that im logged in to blizzard, i have my portals and everything set as firestorm but i cant log in. I cant send you pictures of it for some reason it says the upload has failed, if anyone can help me with my problem it would be much appreciated. All of this is accounted for. I cant upload a picture of my wow screen for some reason, but i can tell you what it says. It basically says all the normal stuff but it also says Blizzard account name. to login instead of email for firestorm. Thank you for your time if anyone can help i will be grateful.
  5. And i wasnt being racist.
  6. Um.... well then, i am orcageddon just to let you know, The other guy was being really racist ;p
  7. Before this he was harassing my friend calling them a barbie, and other names.
  8. This person has a bad name, using accent letters to avoid a ban i have opened a ticket but after 30 mins nothing has happend, so i decided to take screen shots of what this person was saying.