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  1. Is Enhancement DPS still so bad, as some people here reported in the past, or it got improved already?
  2. So how good is shaman now? How well do elemental and enhancement specs in PVP and PVE? Does it belong to top classes now, or to the worse ones? I am deciding whether I should play shaman, monk, druid or warlock...which of them is best now?
  3. Hi, I played mostly Cataclysm WOW in the past and I would like to try something newer, so Sylvanas here looks quite interesting to me. What is the current status of the server from bugs point of view? I don't expect it to be so smooth and tuned as well-tuned Cata servers...but how much are the classes broken here now and what percentage of quests and low level dungs is working properly? I have seen some comments from people complaining about bugs and things like Garrison not working for horde etc, but those were mostly a year or more I hope it changed to better by then. Which classes are the most OP at this time for PVP? And which classes/specs are broken so much that it is not worth playing them? How good is Demon Hunter class? Are random dungs and BGs being played on levels 10-80, or only on max level?