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  1. Next plan = patch 7.3
  2. Soon
  3. yes the drop in pve in broken
  4. Just allow cross-faction BG .. = faster QUE , Better balance...
  5. use cross bg system like on retail
  6. EN heroic is coming soon and i guess mythic + aswell
  7. Cara is just crying and cant deal with op pvp class .. should be closed.. no real bug here..
  8. We Already did EN 6/7 HC killed with full report for devs Xavius unkillable on HC atm.
  9. Raid difficulty: How to reproduce the issue: What happened: What should happen on retail: normal - Items from normal diff should be 850ilvl-865ilvl ,but now its only 850-860. Idk why
  10. RAID DIFF - HC Same problem on HC ,also a lot of visual effect bugs HC And issues num 7. Dreamstate interaction with 100coruption + dmg increase Issues 8. - Problem with dreamstate selection .. Its total random .. and sometimes healers will not get dreamstate.. Issues 9. problem - Boss is casting blades on TANK! , also hitbox of blades looks bad.
  11. Hypeeee ,,,an unexpected kill ! GJ all!
  12. yes 30% Kappa.jpeg from 24total kills with all alts etc = 2items = 8,3% dropchance ?
  13. Class Master is on holidaaaaays LMAO
  14. yes lets go play firemage until 7.15 arrives :DDDDDD