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  1. no i dont want sluvanys and borish only meri chrismas..
  2. Title: Greymane Type: Website Description: first server need be update to PVE TOO for we cant farming gear in arena battleground get 4 milion artifact power this is so low Traits cost 200,300 milion and need add 5v5 arena + hackers glitch xgmos and can trade idk how really i promise really its no joke and we cant go in ARGUST zone just need enable raids dungeorns and update server PVP,PVE for farming hight gear with arena and battgleground its no imposible farm gear so hard and sry for bad english !! and remove all free xmogs
  3. update server Greymane PVP,PVE TOO and we cant go in zone ARGUST remove all freee xmogs for can trade with hacks idk how its imposible 1 gyu teach me with EWT name hack and add 5v5 arena for we ccant geat charechters only low players
  4. update server Pvp,PVE Greymane please and add 5v5 for we cant gear in battleground and arena for get low artifact power , add Argust zone too we cant go in Argust,remove all free XMOGS for he can trade with hakcs idk how !
  5. please open raid in instant server Greymane legion 110 and remove all free xmogs for all players can send xmogs to other char idk how its imposible ,and open Argus, and Make server PVP,PVE TOO in server no have players so much only horde have sry for bad english !