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  1. *knock *knock Draw your guns, shepherds, the time has come..
  2. china

    I had the pleasure to encounter Cnvmt a few times in the past (back under the "Emperor of China" tag). Very nice and heftily efficient gamer. kudos o/
  3. Happy Birthday. \o/ (I'm always around, lurking in the shadows..)
  4. Wow, I was "gone" for a while, but GMs "giving back" items? Has hell frozen over? What did I miss here?
  5. Half a month of formatting text > "No, you can't get it now - TBA, sorry."
  6. Wow, high numbers in PvP in an expansion that needs you to PvE to gear up. Such impress, very war. >_<"
  7. Because this is an emulated, private server. Stuff like this (sadly) happens, and you better get used to it if you want to enjoy your time here. USUALLY crashes are a rare thing though, on REALLY bad/DDoS times you can have the server never being online for more than two or three minutes though, been there witnessed that. If you get something of value the only advice is to immediately log out once you have it in your inventory, since unless the server crashes exactly during your log-out your inventory will get saved to the database and you won't lose it when the server crashes. Rollbacks can still happen though, but using above method I never really had problems with valuable items disappearing, luckily.
  8. Screenshots or not doesn't matter. Item losses due to server crashes do not get refunded/compensated. Never were, never will. Just don't open stuff when the server is unstable and hope for the best. Also if you get a legendary IMMEDIATELY log out to force your inventory to get saved to the database. Safest way you can go, but refunds.. nope. Never were, never will..
  9. @zerokzerok There is a reason people CAN join battlegrounds if they want to. Not everyone likes gearing in PVE and some people ONLY play PVP. You don't like ungeared people in battlegrounds? Tough luck, DEAL WITH IT. I played 11? 12? chars to maxlevel and geared most of them decently, and guess what: I rather lose a bg giving it all having some undergeared but nice people in my team than listen to your kind scream around blaming others. You lose battlegrounds? Play harder, carry more, but NEVER blame "the others" for your losses. Gosh, your kind, trying to dictate others around that ask for their possibilities to thrive in this game is what made me leave the active playerbase and find another game to spend time and money on..
  10. Do worldquests, instances, emerald nightmare, battlegrounds..
  11. @Dallaryen Ah, good to know. I always assumed everyone at least once ran the launcher over their files.. will remember this info for eventual further tech assists, thanks for letting me know! o/
  12. Don't use the wow.exe from the client download. Use the launcher found here: (Fat blue download button in the middle of the screen) then point it towards the directory you extracted the client into. Hf gl o/
  13. Ingame ticket: Press the "Esc" key, select "Help" (first button in the list), then select "Open a Ticket" (last button on the list on the left side) - enter description and select "Submit". PS: First time I logged in in a month or so to verify this, believe me it works.