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  1. Dear Gm : I have problem with quest item call: Maw of Souls: Retrieving the Svalnguard i try everythin gonly my charcter cant loot this quest i report in forum and i make ticket but noone help me out balance of power quest line plz help i did the dungeon on mythic 10time every day cant loot dungeons mythic or Quest item i have 5 day try to do that quest i cant i got bug : quest Work for all players but not for my Feral Name Charcter Crazyalistar hord i report that in bugTracker help me out plz
  2. Dear GMs: i Have big problem here with this Quest line called [Maw of Souls: Retrieving the Svalnguard] its not working only for me lot of player did that but my charcter Crazyalistar i cant even loot boss when im inside Mythic normal and i cant loot the quest im alrdy report that in bug truck but noone help i make ticket in game noanswers for me help plz for more info about my bug
  3. Dear GM its me again i cant accept quest can you help my NPC dosnt exist my screen can help for that ! iwill send you photo for that bug i got other problem why im only one who cant see NPC !!!!!! to turn in this two Quest
  4. Dear GMs : my quest Enter the Nightmare got buged i cant see NPC To accept my quest to get achievement [That's Val'sharah Folks!] to get [Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One] you must help me GM to fix that NPC plzzzzzz
  5. i have problem for long time i try to explain that but GM not working hard my Quest Val Sharah chapter 5-7 is buged i cant find Npc to get achievement plz help me
  6. Dear GM : My problem in my account is i have long time playing with my druid feral in Sylavans all players got legandary with doing some mythics and some bgs and some daily hc but for me not working i dont think this about my luck its about acount not working normaly and i have quest despair in Stormheim in broken isles to up reputation there to can fly mount in broken isles i need that i hope do somethink for my acount
  7. and about legandary nothing hapend my luck is fuucking tireless i did everything i play 24/7 i got nothing comon dude i know something wrong in my acount + quest buged in Stormheim dispear like i didnt have it i cant move forword in reputation
  8. im not talking about mount only im taling about Legandary i think something wrong for my acount i have long time not login that make hard i did everything like normal player would do but i still not got 0 legandary when player got 2 or more when inspect anyone in world i see he got first legandary easy jezz im i realy bad luck but not like that dude
  9. Been playing for longr than that and my Druid still hasnt gotten one.....i know my luck is bad but not that bad any can explaine that and ppl got mount when they got lot of dc and i got nothing heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp