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  1. We'll take care of player reports as soon as possible. Please read the following thread to inform yourself of the International's staff circumstances. Thank you!
  2. Hey man, This server has other responsible people with whom you can discuss your issue. Try messaging a Head or Executive GM about your problem. Good luck!
  3. Hello Firestorm Community, There comes a time for each Staff Member when he has to decide to leave. For me, that day is today. I have served Pandashan since the 17th of July back in 2014 until this very day. I can tell you that every day was unique and different. I've met the greatest people throughout this time and had the best time of my life. Quite uninmaginable to think that I'm actually leaving. When I got promoted to Executive back in April 2015, I had tons of reasons to be as active as I could be. My motivation and dedication was thriving through the staff. My goal was to make the staff of our MoP International realm better than it ever has been. I am proud to say that I've accomplished that, but obviously not alone. At the end of 2015, our staff was close to perfect to me. I won't write a whole story about this because many subjects and stories are confidential and staff business. I have met over 100's of Staff Members (not a joke!) And thousands of players. And I even made great awesome friends. I cannot be anti-nostalgia and forget my old days of when I was a GM so, some honorable mentions: Sappient was my Head GM, but also my teacher and friend. My motivation and the person with whom I spent most of my time back in the day, a great guy. Inveric. The story between him and me is quite complicated. Inveric was first the one who interviewed me and who was my HGM until he resigned. I was a Game Master. We kept quite in contact back then, all the way from GM until Executive GM. At that point, he asked me kindly if he could reinstate. So, the roles were turned. Nonetheless, Inveric is the only person who's been with me literally all the time. We have been through so much, and we have built such a relationship that it's hard to let go. And then to imagine he hasn't even talked once to me.. but even if he hasn't, he is great. His personality remains to be a complicated aspect of him. I know a lot about personalities, behavior etc but he's still so... unknown. One thing I do know is that he's very laid back and won't be stressed quickly. He's someone with whom you can always talk, always. Icemetal, someone who is as friendly as can be. Even when in a bad mood, he's friendly. Even his face just shines of being friendly. Trust me! On the social aspect, I quite looked up to him. He's older after all, but he was always able to get along with everyone and easily deal with those who didn't want to be friends with him. "I don't care". The good old guy has a great voice fot singing, and I surely have many tears of laughter with him. Icemetal was always motivated, and was always able to speak sense into me. You have a great personality, make sure you don't ever lose it. Ice, you live in the USA, but we will meet each other! Kothego. What a Marroccan that is. Kothego and I shared a lot of personal stories and problems and we proved each other to be there when necessary countles of times. Not only were our extremely funny times important, but the fact that we both knew we'd be there for the other was as well. At first, he was very distant, scared and shy maybe, but once he understood I'd accept him as a friend no matter how he was, looks or whatever, he opened up. And that was something unique for him, and me. Kothego is the guy with whom you can be extremely good friends, or enemies. He knows very well when to be friends with someone, and when not. But that doesn't even matter because damn, he is such a troll in real life. The stories I've heard, the things he has done.. you facepalm and laugh at the same time. Seriously, I think I cried of laughter so many times. Ooutah, I have not spent much personal time with Ooutah. And sometimes I regretted I didn't. He's extremely motivated to do what he does, and that's unique now-a-days. Ooutah, know that I'll be still there for you man, any day. So many, two more (I think) Legnax! The Spanish Executive and now Administrator. Damn, how much I looked up to him is... out of this world. He came into our skype conversation to help out Judie (former Executive) with her duties as she was still inexperienced. Legnax is someone who will never ever give up. No matter in what situation, and for what reason. We will always fight for his place. And I sure learnt a lot by seeing his staff, and how he managed it when he was an Executive. Legnax was not only my "teacher" of being a good Head GM, but also a great friend. With whom I've spent hours talking whenever I felt so bad that I wanted to leave. Back in the day of when I was a GM mainly. Legnax is an awesome dude, and well.. I seriously have nothing bad to say about him. Then last but not least: Peluche. My admin. Peluche is that person that would randomly show up and make every GM go wild because " a wild admin just appeared!". Peluche was the one and only that told me how happy he was with me, back of when I was a GM. Thanking me and complimenting me on my work in front of everyone, that was quite an honor since it hasn't happened ever before or after! Yeah, Peluche inspired me to work as hard as I could for Firestorm. Obviously many Game Masters have meant a lot to me. But throughout the 19 months, I've met many. I think everyone knows when I'm talking about you (you as well Regin!). To the players: I hope I've been able to satisfy you with my work and that you enjoyed playing on TZ with my staff as your service team. I'll be around, that's for sure. With love and regards, Velanor
  4. What exactly are you trying to edit?
  5. Greetings Tanker, The Cross-Realm Battleground feature was implemented to enhance PvP experience. Our main issue was long queue's, but also "empty" battlegrounds. With this feature, we've succeeded to get our Battlegrounds full with players, to immensely decrease queue time and generally have a more complete feeling while doing Battlegrounds. This feature was supported by most players and was implemented for the players. A language barrier might be existing, but some Spanish people also talk English, and don't forget the above mentioned arguments. A feature that gets implemented will never come without small issues. Something can never be done without 1 person disliking it. It's hard satisfying every player with everything, with just such a small staff. Nonetheless, we tend to listen to what is necessary, what is requested, and what is asked for. This was both necessary, and asked for. For any concerns or questions, don't hesitate contacting the International Staff of Firestorm. A list of staff members with their ranks can be found here. Best regards, Executive Game Master Velanor.
  6. Banned everyone in the past 5 pages for suspending forum members without providing sufficient evidence.
  7. Greetings Cyn, As a member of Firestorm's staff, I want to welcome you to our server! All our realms have a 5 times XP ratio, you can find the realms here: The 5x in a circle is the multiplier. From what I've understood is that our WotLK realm is extremely well working, with only a few bugs. How the PvP on WoD is, I don't dare to say. I hope I informed you enough! Kind regards, Executive Game Master Velanor
  8. Greetings RazyDodo, We're actually planning on merging that realm. Thus why it's quite empty. You'll hear more information sooner or later. Regards, Velanor
  9. Veuillez vous rendre sur notre forum Français. Merci.
  10. Issue solved, thanks for the assistance everyone. ~ Topic archived.
  11. Greetings Zeddo, Thank you for contacting us! However, you cannot state that noody cares about this problem. This issue is in your opinion extremely important, but to others it's not. Meaning that every issue has a different value to everyone. That you truly want it fixed, doesn't mean it's important relatively. Now, that you understand that saying 'nobody cares' is incorrect and wrong to say, I can tell you that I'll forward the issue. All I need is the Bug Tracker report which you opened. Kind regards, Executive Game Master Velanor
  12. Greetings everyone! There's an ETA for the Cross Battlegrounds feature for our Warlords of Draenor realms! You can stay up-to-date with our development on the feature and why our progress has been delayed (if that's the case). Find the ETA here: Kind regards, Executive Game Master Velanor
  13. Greetings Lichmaster, Thank you for adressing your issue to us. Unfortunately, due to Firestorm's policies and guidelines, we do not swap nor refund items, or the cost of items, when the transaction has been made by a player. It's unfortunate, but totally your decision on what, as you wish, to spend your points/gold/etc. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you wish to read upon all policies and guidelines of Firestorm then go here: We're extremely happy to be able to answer your questions or assist you with concerns and issue. Don't hesitate at all to contact us whenever you face another problem! Kind regards, Executive Game Master Velanor
  14. Greetings Onepunch, Thank you for getting back to me. Now that I know you meet the requirements, there must be another reason for the removal of the titles. I'll take it up to the administrators. We'll do our best to help your with the issue! Kind regards, Executive Game Master Velanor
  15. Greetings Onepunch, Thank you for your notification! It's most likely that the titles weren't supposed to be added to your account as you didn't meet the requirements to gain the title. However, I'll contact an admin and see what the reason is, or whether it's something that was done accidentally. Our apologies for the inconvenience. Kind regards, Executive Game Master Velanor.