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  1. I have 2 chars, on one of them wqs are working fine while on the other one no.... same account. It's weird.
  2. Hello, i have one question. I did this wednesday and got the pet. Can i try it again next week like in offy to get the mount? Thanks for your job
  3. It is reported waiting for a fix
  4. eye of azshara

    I got same problem yesterday doing mm+ in EoA. in the cave after the 3rd boss, fighitng the mobs inside my game froze and i had to force the closing of the game. When i relogged i was still stuck there, game frozen. Had to unstuck getting sickness. I'm not using that trinket.
  5. Hi Jeyel, Thanks for this post. I made a report regarding an improvement for tanaan jungle. If you have time.
  6. They were talking about balancing pvp with this patch... well it seems it is more unbalanced than before.
  7. @akuros123 go here
  8. Same thing :((
  9. Hello, I can't complete the quest before this one. The quest is I've killed last boss and looted the hammer, the quest says it is complete (even if the part of speaking to Navarrog seems to be not completed) but I can't turn in the quest to the hammer. The question mark on it is grey. I've done it in heroic mode via dungeon finder. What should I do? Thanks
  10. Each research takes 5 days to complete, just wait and you will have a scroll to use to increase your artifact power gained.
  11. Same here, i was collecting crystals to get 150k to buy a mount in tanaan jungle when it will be released, but they stopped at 60k. There is a limit that shouldn't be there.
  12. Same problem also happening to my chars since this morning... Hope it could be fixed soon
  13. I would like to tell you that i tried for the 3rd time and finally it worked well! I killed the mobs inside the void realm and at the end got the pet. Thank you
  14. I tried again after looting a new lantern but it's the same. The void realm is empty, no mobs inside. I waited some time, and tried just after a server restart to be sure no one else was doing it but nothing has changed unfortunately. I will wait for some good news regarding this issue. Thanks