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  1. This one is working
  2. Title: First Satyr Spaulders Type: Shop Description:  Hello, would it be possible to add the item in the game shop for transmog use? Thank you
  3. Si, le puoi cambiare trovandone di migliori (dalle world quests, dai dungeons, dai raids, dalle casse dei bg o arene). Basta che la trascini sopra a quella che vuoi cambiare e viene sostituita con la nuova.
  4. Si a dalaran, controlla di fronte alle due banche, sia orda che ally, c'è un npc stile titano con cui parli e ti fai dare tutte e 3 le armi artefatto delle tue 3 spec.
  5. Thank you, nice guide, good job!
  6. You are not the only one. I have 800 tailoring and since the beginning when i complete that quest i see in chat that i got the item but i dont have it in my bags. Every time.
  7. Un sacco di persone tra noi italiani ha quel problema da ieri pomeriggio. Non si capisce perchè nè tantomeno come risolvere...
  8. Same here, tried everything. This problem appears only with the legion realm, i can log in normally on the wod server... Started yesterday afternoon, when there was the lag problem
  9. I have 2 chars, on one of them wqs are working fine while on the other one no.... same account. It's weird.
  10. Hello, i have one question. I did this wednesday and got the pet. Can i try it again next week like in offy to get the mount? Thanks for your job
  11. It is reported waiting for a fix
  12. eye of azshara

    I got same problem yesterday doing mm+ in EoA. in the cave after the 3rd boss, fighitng the mobs inside my game froze and i had to force the closing of the game. When i relogged i was still stuck there, game frozen. Had to unstuck getting sickness. I'm not using that trinket.
  13. Hi Jeyel, Thanks for this post. I made a report regarding an improvement for tanaan jungle. If you have time.
  14. They were talking about balancing pvp with this patch... well it seems it is more unbalanced than before.