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  1. Same thing happened to me, I've tried multiple times to get it. Sadly, submit as a bug report is the best answer.
  2. You can always do a: /ignore Riccka I'm not 100% sure if selling gold is against the Firestorm policies, but reporting the user is probably a good idea anyways.
  3. I will check that out for sure if this happens again.
  4. We are actually all playing in the same location!
  5. Hey everyone, Since I'm playing on Sylvanas with my wife and kids, I decided to setup an Alliance guild for us. We are a group of friendly, english speaking, casual players who enjoy questing and exploring above all else. We were tired of the constant guild invite harassment, the crude and inappropriate language in the world chat (yes, I know we can leave the channels), and decided that we would benefit from having our own guild.. Dragonfly. We are open to meeting friendly, english speaking players of all ages. We are family friendly, and ask that you be respectful of that. We usually play weekdays in the evenings (GMT -7), and are almost always online all at the same time (4 of us). One of us is almost always in or around Stormwind/Goldshire.
  6. Yay! Lvl 110 priest!
  7. I am definitely enjoying this server so far, and seeing the activity and updates coming in is AWESOME.