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  1. Same thing happened to me, I've tried multiple times to get it. Sadly, submit as a bug report is the best answer.
  2. I get your frustration.. I've seen quite a few myself. Keep in mind that lower level quest bugs are probably given a muuuuuch lower priority over end game stuff. It's probably going to be a matter of "where the people are" for what gets addressed and what doesn't.
  3. You can always do a: /ignore Riccka I'm not 100% sure if selling gold is against the Firestorm policies, but reporting the user is probably a good idea anyways.
  4. Khadgar will give a quest to do the "Assault on the Broken Isles" scenario from Krasus' Landing in Dalaran. That opens up the quests down there once you complete that scenario (20ish minutes).
  5. Boris is live from Dec 21st to 28th
  6. If Boris does make an appearance, I'd like to see a lvl 100 boost rather than a 110. As a primarily PvE player, lots of questing stuff is a little.. weird.. after the 110 boost. I mean, I won't complain if it's a 110 boost again, I'd love to try a mage this time around.
  7. When I got my level boost, it was gear + level only. No professions, so I've been scrambling to get those leveled up.
  8. That's strange.. we very seldom experience any lag issues here .
  9. I had the same result.. corpse disappears, but when you mouseover it does recognize that he's there. But you can't click to loot. So that sucks.
  10. I will check that out for sure if this happens again.
  11. Well that's disappointing.. Thanks for the answer!
  12. Hey everyone, I was one of the fortunate who got a 110 boost when Boris last appeared, but I'm seeing some strange things now in regards to questing. Some of the priest quests simply dont work for me, and I think it might be to do with the level boost. Having never played through to this level on my own, I cant confirm this, but I suspect that some of the class quests aren't going to work for me at all now because of a requirement for things to happen in sequence and at certain levels. Ex: I've got a hooded priestess chasing me around all the time, but I can't complete the quest she gives because the guy never appears in Tirisfal Glades. Not a huge deal, as I'm starting another toon to level up "naturally" (lol x3) and get through the storyline stuff, but I still think I'm missing out on a lot of potential things.
  13. My sons DK had the same issue, but my priest had no problem. Definitely a strange one..
  14. We are actually all playing in the same location!