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  1. The Full Client torrent is apparently broken. Tried to recover as follows: (1) Write lock the client folder files. (2) Recheck Torrent (3) Restart Torrent - which downloaded 2% of the files in a few minutes. (4) Stopped Torrent (5) Write enable all files. (6) Run Play Firestorm.exe. Observe in task manager that Wow is running. It runs for a few seconds - 10 - 15 or so - and then stops with the same errors as above. So I conclude that the full client out there is messed up. Or did I do something wrong? Seems very odd that the client appears to reaching toward Blizzard for files rather than a firestorm server. Since Blizzard files have been updated for BFA, reaching toward blizzard does not sound like the right thing to do. I would have guessed that Play Firestorm.exe was supposed to patch the client so that it reached toward Firestorm for files rather than blizzard. Guess I'll go back to playing Gul'dan.
  2. I've been playing on Gul'dan for a few weeks now. No problems. Just tried to get started on Sylvanas. uTorrent the Full client, made sure files are all WRITEABLE, Open the firewall for the client and Play Firestorm.exe, run the Play Firestorm.exe, set the language. Run the firestorm-64.exe client - FAIL with a ton of errors. Am I supposed to run Play Firestorm.exe each time or just once? Looks like just once, but not sure. But I get a ton of errors. Logs don't say anything interesting. Anybody recognize this problem? Thanks,
  3. Surest way to become stuck in combat is to aid an ally npc in killing something. That pretty much guarantees that you get stuck and have to KILL the client to recover.
  4. I find myself stuck in combat frequently. I can't find out what causes it. Does anybody know a trick to clear this condition so I can mount or use a flight-master? The only method I've found is to STOP the client from the task bar of windows and then restart it. Pretty extreme and time consuming. Of course you can't LogOut or Exit either when in this condition. Anybody have an easier solution? Thanks,
  5. So the client default language is set to French, not surprisingly. This thread: Many of the suggestions are apparently out of date, but the post does contain an interesting direction. Apparently, one of the points here: Is pretty close. However if you change the two lines to include "enGB" you get a popup asking what your language should be and gives a choice of English US. If you choose English US you never see the popup again. So, I suggest that enGB is not actually included in the latest client and that changing the lines to "enUS" rather than "enGB" might be better. This is unconfirmed. Minor issue, but it looks like a big deal to a novice player here. Cheers.
  6. Found a portal from Kazan to Orgrimmar at 21.91 17.31 down on the docks by the ship. Have a great one.
  7. Sure would like to play a goblin. Any hints about how to move out of starting area? Thanks a ton.
  8. And while you're answering my question. Can you point to how to set my toon pic in the forum. I have set the toon pic on the base website yesterday, but it's still black rather than being the right thing, even though the interface looked like it worked just fine - how fancy!. Everybody else has a pic. I want one too. Whine Whine... baaaaaa baaaaaa
  9. I get that it's not a priority to fix the quests in the starting areas. BUT Are there guides for doing these areas? I'm stuck in goblin area on "Forth and Goal" after kicking the ball through the stacks I can't find a way to complete the quest and move on to blowing up Kazan so I can get to the Volcano and leave the starting area with my unique Raptor pet. So what's the trick? I suppose someone has done a guide. Just need a link. Thanks a ton. Raises his Kaja'Cola in a toast.