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  1. Hello hello! i might not be the newest player around here but i just thought to myself when i saw this introduction thingie: DO IT! JUST, DO IT! and here i am now so i'm a norwegian gamer, spending most of my time dying in bgs and insulting people in stormwind, well, of course when i ain't bot-raging on hots. as you might already have noticed by looking at my account, i'm a human unholy death knight, co-gm of the guild "Legacy" i'm also the guy that got bugged and ended up with a giant skeleton even tho i'm using glyph of the geist of course, it just had to end up laying on the side... fucking phone photos... anyway so this is my setup and my character wearing the custom mog i made... btw the name of my main is Akromyx, i used to main a rogue called Placeholder but i got bored of him, even tho he's ilvl 662 but i guess that's it for me... -Akromyx
  2. ClassicBlackwing Lair: not workingMolten Core: All bosses workRuins of Ahn'Qiraj: All bosses work Ahn'Qiraj Temple: first boss dosen't work but all the others do The Burning CrusadeGruul's Lair: WorksKarazhan: All bosses except medivh worksMagtheridon's Lair: WorksSerpentshrine Cavern: WorksTempest Keep: WorksThe Battle for Mount Hyjal: WorksThe Sunwell: Not workingBlack Temple: WorkingWrath of the Lich KingIcecrown Citadel: WorkingNaxxramas: WorkingOnyxia's Lair: WorkingThe Eye of Eternity: A bit buggy but can be doneThe Obsidian Sanctum: WorkingThe Ruby Sanctum: WorkingTrial of the Crusader: Not working at allUlduar: the following bosses dosent work: Algalon, Yogg-saron, Thorim, Freya dosent have loot, Asambly of iron dosen't have loot, all the other bosses worksVault of Archavon: A few bugged loot tabs but can be completedCataclysmBaradin Hold: WorksBlackwing Descent: Works kinda, a bit messed up with heroic and normal mode all being on at onceDragon Soul: Not workingFirelands: Not workingThe Bastion of Twilight: WorksThrone of the Four Winds: Not WorkingMists of PandariaHeart of Fear: last boss dosent work but all others doMogu'shan Vaults: WorksSiege of Orgrimmar: Not WorkingTerrace of Endless Spring: WorksThrone of Thunder: all bosses up to megaera works, megaera dosen't Please tell me if there's something here that needs to be fixed :3