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  1. It has been now a few weeks with this bug continously manifesting and it's seriously not acceptable with all the things bugged you have to relog for (WQ, Vendicaar, DF and RF queues, etc.). You can't relog in peace with your char that you will gamble to be stuck in a 90% loading screen bar for half an hour. Get ur sh*t together and fix this once and for all, forget rushing BfA, fix live server first please. It's not acceptable in a private server this important and populated to be scared of relogging because either you get stuck 1 hour in a loading screen without being able to play or flying around the map having to unstuck 90% of the times. Please release at least a statement on the issue, all those reports and not a staff member saying something about this bug. Not really making a good impression on the customers.
  2. It was a Sephuz or Prydaz anyway lulz
  3. lol i relogged cuz of combat bug and the same shi*t again... really????????? can't even fk play those 2-3 hours in peace............
  4. no me also with all chars since 1 hour at least
  5. What kind of generic response is this? Different in what kind of way?Greater drop rate or not?... Useless answer.
  6. It's even worst...
  7. The loot boxes will be sold for loyalty point again or it will stay like this? Not so fair for those who honestly put away loyalties before the easter event for the upcoming 7.3.5...
  8. Has anyone got legendary from the new eggs?
  9. At least please put the loot boxes for silver coins again since you resetted the points. So honest people can actually use that 300 points you gave who are a just a mockery right now.
  10. I for istance had saved 800 loyalty point FARMED HONESTLY before the event, and now I can't do anything with it, NOTHING. I guess it's real that honest people take it always from behind.
  11. Why are you asking this question? Clearly to protect and reward your customers that didn't abuse... To treat everyone fairly. You give 300 points to honest people but they can't even buy a candy with it. People will remember this when there will be the next exploitable event, and I bet they won't be so honest anymore.
  12. How about putting the loot box for silver points again in the shop? The 300 loyalty awarded to those who didn't abuse feel more and more a mockery... At least some golden points would have been more adeguate. As I'm sure the next time there won't be any non-abusers if this is what you get for not exploiting your scripts. You can't do anything with silver at this point.
  13. Also if you say Affliction has problems generating soul shards beacause of bugs (not even noticed it, in single target you're supposed to use Soul effigy and there is something called soul sniping adds) and it's still the best warlock spec on Firestorm, it actually makes you think about the desperate state the other two spec are in. As it is well know that even in retail this patch was problematic with soul shard generation for Affliction.
  14. How can you claim avoidance is working while clearly it isn't? Go do Halls of Valor and make a video of it and count how many times your Fel guard dies at the first boss or Odyn, I dare you. Vault of Wardens, last boss AoE? The same thing, and I can go on. For the pets it's your job to aid devs fixing warlock, not mine and you're also paid for it. And they are not properly calculated obviously if demonology is doing half the damage it should do in PURE single target compared to retail this patch. Or do you think the difference in dps it's to blame on Shadow bolt that deals 8% of your total dps at best? Am I missing something? You weren't the same who wrote that Grimoire of Service was working 100% while often the Fel Guard just stay watching the boss not even attacking? On my warlock I have BIS helm for single target and even with the bugged Gul'dan trinket I can't even go near the single target dps I do with affliction, which is completely unblizzlike and I don't even have a proper legend for it (trinket and neck). Warlock at the moment is the only class with ONE single spec working semi-properly that's affliction, go figure out why. Maybe because if someone makes you notice something you deny it or invite them to do your job. Please just stop denying, as it would be better starting fixing things. I think the warlock community would love to finally have 3 specs to play not only 1 in order to be competitive and not utter garbage. Warlock all around in Legion should be one of the best caster not only affliction. And do some research if you don't believe demonlogy is the best single target spec for warlock by a MILE in every single Legion patch.
  15. ALSO you don't think it's freaking time to fix the damn avoidance for warlock pets??? This alone makes demo completely unviable in PvE as with ANY damn boss AoE the pet dies instantly and you lose all your dps. I sincerely don't understand how come Bm hunters are almost perfectly fixed while demo is in such a messy state with pets stats all around the place. Demo pets haven't be so different to fix compared to Bm hunters ones no? Am I missing something?