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  1. Well that happens to me everytime im using discord on phone. But like Skye said you can talk with him on discord
  2. Yes because someone told me to delete it. But can I know when did I tell you that ?
  3. Pog
  4. im gonna destroy you on my war
  5. make it happen alreadyyyy
  6. Hmmmmmmmmmmm
  7. Title: Legion sets in Shop Type: Shop Description:  Why you don't make Legion sets with vote points ? I mean why should we donate for items that are useless in the BFA content ? Its not like it will boost our healing or dps in Uldir or something like that. Also if what the GMs said that they won't be free is true its just a bad idea. <3
  8. Title: Higher XP Rates Type: In-game Description:  Hello, i wanted to suggest you to add higher xp rates like 10 and maybe for 110-120 level it can stay 3 but it will be really good if you do it because leveling right now its taking alot of time and people from other servers will come if you make it higher. So its good for us and good for you. Please we will appreciate it a lot. <3