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  1. On April 15, 2020 01:01:53 the Horde guild Neighborhood ''killed'' Lady Jaina Proudmoore on Mythic difficulty and got realm first. However here comes the tricky part, Neighborhood were considered the underdogs and the worst of the 4 guilds that were racing for realm first kill (the 4 guilds are Old School, The Tempest, Irrelevant and Neighborhood). I'm not saying they are bad players, I played with some of them personally, but we all knew there was something fishy in this kill. The Tempest have been raiding for about 3 weeks on Jaina and didn't even get close to kill and then the testing guild Neighborhood comes and kills it out of nowhere, while abusing. Yes, I know what you are gonna say, ''the bug was not that critical'' but it's actually huge. The stacks from Chilling Touch are doing damage every 1 second and the effect goes up to 20 stacks and after that, you get frozen. However,Neighborhood decided to cheat the system and use Blessing of Freedom on people so they lose their stacks and them claiming in front of all of the server that were are just ''mad and salty''. People requested logs and video of their kill but they didn't want to provide it even if their kill is ''legit''.I also saw admins not even caring about that and defending the guild. I understand that's the first Cutting Edge in a long time and it's good for the server, but like that, you are just losing hope in the top guilds. The saddest part is how one of the admins (not gonna say his name) saw the video and said it's legit while we just had to look on their screenshot and see what is the abuse. Also isn't Neighborhood your raid testing guild ? Why were most of the bosses unkillable until we report something to one of the QAs so it can get fixed. If its really a legit kill why not show the video and the logs, what are they scared of? You can close the threat, ban me, but Im just saying the truth and you should consider taking action and removed their kill if you want some hope in the top guilds, otherwise expect top players leaving the server. In this screenshot you can see the paladin used Blessing of Freedom, but for what? Probably the admins know some secret mechanic for them to say its legit kill )
  2. imagine not admitting u bugged the boss and being proud of it KEKW
  3. damn pog
  4. Well that happens to me everytime im using discord on phone. But like Skye said you can talk with him on discord
  5. Yes because someone told me to delete it. But can I know when did I tell you that ?
  6. Pog
  7. im gonna destroy you on my war
  8. make it happen alreadyyyy
  9. Hmmmmmmmmmmm
  10. Title: Legion sets in Shop Type: Shop Description:  Why you don't make Legion sets with vote points ? I mean why should we donate for items that are useless in the BFA content ? Its not like it will boost our healing or dps in Uldir or something like that. Also if what the GMs said that they won't be free is true its just a bad idea. <3
  11. There is one in Booty Bay too ( Is at the action house next to those two goblin npcs )
  12. Nazmir - Azerite Mining WQ