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  1. cant run the game, i launch 64 bit and it take like 10 min to come and black screen like nothing happns and it dosent respond eventually i have to close it, any 1 know any solution?
  2. can i go switch back or play 7.1.5 if i have the folder
  3. hey dude, i did made ticket on shop support its been 5 days but no response from any admin..
  4. Hi there, I bought the DK hidden artifact appearance from website for 130 (gold points), I log on my character and used the item a small cut scene appeared as usual of me gaining the appearance but after that cut scene i couldn't see the new skin on my weapon, i had thunder-fury mogged at that time but it would work. can any GM online please help solve this. Thank you. here are the proofs. image 1 showing the purchase history image 2 showing in game forge where the hidden skin is missing.