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  1. Yup it happened to me few times on my monk yesterday. In skirmish AmA is working, in rated arena it is not.
  2. legendary

    It is completely random mate, keep doing stuff and you will get. For example, i didn't have one on my main that i spend most time on it, nor my alt, but get one on my second alt from the first rdf hc at 816 ilvl, then i got 8 legendaries on my main, still do not have on my alt. My third alt got legendary 3 hours after i reached 110 from world boss. So good luck an do not give up farming. P.S. I got second legendary on my third alt today after almost 200 rated arenas.
  3. What the fuck did i just read??? It poked my eyes out...
  4. Well can't wait to see you in the top this week then, to show us the real skill when you cannot skip so much trash
  5. So you skip the giant and the mariner, also the group an the right side and the dogs, and you have 100% enemy forces? Without teeming it is not possible.
  6. In MoS, every trash that can you skip, can be skipped even without invisibility. So try again, how much DPS does your team has?
  7. Lol, i get good? I am pretty sure that you never saw me tanking, also, i've done MoS +15 in time for 1 chest with pugs, which will come impossible for you, since you rely only on "group coordination". Explain to me how you skiped trash in MoS 17, which you did for 19 minutes. Or your setup has so OP dps, which i missed?
  8. It is questinable why only class masters are at the top? Because they are far more skilled than the rest, or because they are aware of all the bugs and exploits?
  9. In-game fixes wont take so long to apply, neither hey will crash the server so hard. So it should be something big. Also, when they applied the last big update, they didnt say anything before. Its a surpirse for us
  10. Server is unstable, probably they released new content, either suramar or return to karazhan. Last time when suramar was released it was crashing like that, until they disabled it again.
  11. I think when server is stable they will put the changelog.
  12. Lets hope for big changelog
  13. It happened before to put changelog later after the restart.
  14. They applied update probably, that is why it took so long. And now server cannot even start up so i guess this update is a big one.
  15. So we have to find 20+ people with ilvl 875+ who have nothing else to do, just to see if EN mythic works.... Why don't you put it on the test realm, there we can surely test it.