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  1. One in the north of new Dalaran, at battle pet arena.
  2. there's 1 more in the ordon sanctuary gate
  3. Barrens, north from crossroads
  4. I don't want NPC as high as Grommash Hold
  5. Please do something with griefing people, blocking Jeanne with oversized models.
  6. Whole Outlaw spec looks great.
  7. I bet it'll get nerfed.
  8. Not only Direhoof drops this item, those mobs can drop it: Mu'Gra, Xelganak, Aogexon, Thek'Talon, Bergruu, Vileclaw, Direhoof and some two which I don't remember because I'm not killing because of their health (~30 millions). Back to the topic, don't give up with it . For me when I'm not getting those potions in bags after some time I'm getting alot of those . Have fun with looting bags. PS. If I made any grammar mistakes, please forgive me C: